Rocketship Education Helps Parents Become More Engaged In Their Children’s Education

Rocketship Education is a broad network of non-profit public elementary charter schools whose primary target is low-income neighborhoods where students have limited access to top class education. The team behind Rocketship Education believes that a truly transformative school should do much more than providing basic education to students. They believe that they should inspire communities by fully engaging teachers and parents as well.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a group of public K-5 charter schools that are working to eliminate the achievement gap. It is much more than just a school system. It is a rapidly expanding community of students, teachers, parents, leaders, and communities that are dedicated to achieving positive change for the future. The schools deliver a high degree of transparency which, in turn, lets the schools and parents assess how the institutions grow. All Rocketship Education teachers and administrators have a passion that resonates throughout their work, decisions, and actions.

Parent Involvement in Hiring of Teachers

In most schools, parents have no idea who their children’s teachers will be until the start of the school year. Rocketship Education is different; it lets the parents select the teachers who will be hired several months before the beginning of classes. Preston Smith, who co-founded Rocketship Education and is in charge of its 13 schools, said in an interview with Education Week that one of the foundations of the chain has always been parent participation. Since the chain was founded in 2007 in San Jose CA, the schools have received nationwide acclaim not only for a blended-learning and personalized kind of education but also for the level of parental involvement.

The Rocketeer Parent Leads the Way

Rocketship Education understands that having engaged parents is a vital part of eliminating the achievement gap in education. Rocketship education works hand-in-hand with parents, who are some of the most influential advocates for the chain’s system within their communities. The group of schools and its administrators and teachers work directly with the parents to help them become leaders within the school, at home and in the community as a whole.

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