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Details Emerge from Elizabeth Warren’s First Encounter with JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren recounted her first meeting with Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase Bank – a major recipient of government largesse during the 2008 banking crisis. Needless to say, the meeting between the two powerful figures did not go well at all. Nor did it help matters that Dimon was said to complain about the onerous regulations the 2010 Dodd-Frank bill imposed on his bank. Warren said she did not stand for the criticism. She quickly fired back at Dimon his bank’s multi-billion dollar losses in the London Whale derivatives trading incident stated AnastasiaDate. She reminded him that the recent loss was proof yet again the banks are engaging in risky investments as she stated on LinkedIn. It is Warren’s opinion that their “too big to fail” status is a moral hazard encouraging the very types of reckless investments that affected tens of millions of Americans.

At the same time, Dimon wasn’t going to stand by and let a mouthy junior senator put him in his place. What ensured was a heated verbal exchange between the two figures. While Warren points out the 2013 encounter did not digress into an argument, it was heated and terse. At the time, Dimon was seeking to get a confirmation for a director of consumer affairs as this would prevent automatic regulatory triggers from kicking in under Dodd-Frank. Warren was convinced that Dimon was trying to circumvent the reforms. In fact, Dimon later quipped that if his company were to run afoul of the law and get fined, it was not big deal. This is because they possess the funds to pay any government fine.

The Value Of Using Skout

Skout is a helpful app that runs on the world’s biggest network. Millions of individuals meet new people around in numerous countries by using Skout’s services.

Benefits Of Using The App

The experts who designed the app understand that meeting new people can be a difficult task. Skout is the solution to this problem because it lets users in various countries share adventures with each other. The app has features that let users schedule meetings for concerts, touring destinations, and at local bars.

The Key Features

Skout has three unique features that help users meet new people. The Shake to Chat feature connects the user with a new person by simply shaking the phone. The Skout Travel feature is ideal for people who like to travel around the world. Finally, the Feature Me mode puts the user on a center stage. It is a fast way to meet new people in a local neighborhood.

The Skout App Uses Advanced Safety Technology

The designers who developed the Skout app implement many procedures to keep the social networking community safe. Skout security specialists monitor all behavior continuously because the company has a strict inappropriate behavior policy. Each month, Skout specialists ban more than 40,000 devices because many users violate company standards. The policy is effective because the company uses proprietary technology to monitor users around the clock.

Social Networking For Business Purposes

Skout can also be used to grow a business because millions of people use social networking services. Since social marketing lets business owners reach customers who are far beyond a geographic area, it can be a valuable tool.

Most business owners use social networking to gain information about their customers. Skout is a huge community, so interacting with potential and current clients is possible. Managers who use Skout can easily give every customer important updates about company events, products, and services.

US Economy Slows in Q4 2014 – Still the Envy of Western Nations

On Friday, the Commerce Department published the economic numbers for the fourth quarter of 2014 covering October through December. The economy grew at a rate of 2.6% which was well below the 4.6% and 5.0% growth figures of the two prior quarters. Consumer spending, which traditionally accounts for 70% of the GDP, posted a strong showing. However, the looming attempt by Saudi Arabia to flood the market with cheap petroleum in a bid to crush the US oil shale industry is reeling through the economy. Consumers are benefiting from prices under $2 a gallon, but not everyone is happy about the cheaper oil prices.

Business investment fell by an alarming -1.9% in Q4 as US oil companies scaled back their operations and are making fewer investments in equipment purchases. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez has read that energy providers are also scaling back their equipment purchases due to the drop in oil prices. . It has been 4.4% in Q3, but that was driven by a surge in defense spending. Europe may be turning into a drag on the US economy. The slow pace of job creation and renewed recession worries promoted the European Central Bank to reduce the value of the Euro. This makes European products cheaper, but makes American products more expensive. Trade grew by a weak 0.8% in Q3, but contracted by -1.0% in Q4. Still, economist expect a better year for US growth which is beating out most of the Western nations.

BRL Trust: Manager of Investment Funds

BRL Trust Investment offers their detailed and professional services to clients who are interested in obtaining excellent solutions for their investment funds. BRL Trust offers trust services in private loans. This experienced and highly professional company is one of the biggest independent administrator of the investment funds in Brazil. Their reputation has shown that they do have a strong mission that offers high values and are highly trusted to ensure that each customer is offered the trust services that completely fulfill their needs. This holds true in both the global market and the local market. Each and every customer can expect the courtesy of exceptional service for all of their trust services that are received from this qualified company.

The Securities Commission has authorized BRL to act as manager of investment funds. BRL has been involved in several ingenious and structured transactions. Under the current administration there are 96 funds with NAV.

BRL Trust is trusted and authorized to ensure custody services to investment funds. They will provide all needed services. The following is offered:
*Cash Settlement
*Centralization of procedures settlement
*Custody and Settlement of Asset
*Reconciliation of assets with depositories and clearinghouses
*Control of procedures settlements
Their experience and knowledge can ensure that every client is offered these services with complete trust in the management in every aspect and area.

You are invited to meet the fine professional executives of BRL Trust. They offer their unique knowledge and professionalism and will ensure that all services provided will benefit each and every customer. Every customer will also receive the individualized care from BRL services. High quality with integrity is the offered and upheld.

*Mauricio Ribeiro; Founder and Director
*Rodrigo Boccanero Gomes; Director and founding partner
*Rodrigo Cavalnte; Partner-director
This is a company that is proud to be of service to the community that they serve. These three executives each play a vital role and have unique responsibilities to uphold.

BRL Trust has a strong reputation for meeting the demands of each and every customer. This is an experienced and skilled team of professionals who offer exceptional results through their transparency. The needs and the demands are met and a relationship of trust and good communication is offered to all clients.

BRL Trust is available on both Facebook and LinkedIn, for more information on the company, see their official website.

Protesters Arrested For Attacking Hong Kong Legislative Headquarters

Pro-democracy protests have swept through Hog Kong in recent months, ever since the candidates for elections came into the headlines.  This led pro-democracy activists to stage peaceful demonstrations across Hong Kong, in the name of true freedom for the people to elect the leader they desire. China quickly blocked Hong Kong news from the mainland and prevented certain phrases, such as yellow umbrella, that were attached to the riots from being used on social media.
While the large protests have died down and little attention is paid to the infringement on freedom taking place in the world’s second most powerful economy, more violent riots have hit the streets of Hong Kong. During the initial protests, pro-Beijing demonstrators came head to head, and even had some violent clashes with the pro-democracy demonstrators. Later, the freedom activists held violent stand-offs with police in riot gear. However, now with little opposition the demonstrators smash glass on buildings in a rare act of aggression.
So far, little out right violence was instigated from the protesters, who are in their seventh week of demonstrations. Three police were injured as they arrested some of the perpetrators, while other protesters were arrested for instigating violence even as they participated in the peaceful portion. Thanks to Hong Kong resident Gianfrancesco Genoso for sending in this tip.

Japan’s Economy Remains In A Recession

Once thought as the model for an economic powerhouse back in the 1980’s, Japan continues to suffer from economic woes. Now, the nation is entering its third recession in as short as four years.

Japan holds the third biggest economy in the world with only China and the United States being larger. The recent quarterly report reveals that the economy in Japan declined by about 1.6%. The effects of this sent shockwaves through the markets.

The global market is exactly that, global in scope. Nations invest in other nations. A business might make purchases of supplies from another territory. Private citizens could buy merchandise from overseas. Clearly, there does need to be money available in order to do this.

Of course, the obvious reduction in spending domestically and also lowered tax payments further hamper the economy of Japan. Prime Minister Abe has to institute significant reforms in order to reverse the downward trend, but this might prove even more difficult if his party suffers losses of seats in the next election.

Without a major change in direction in the near future, the stagnation Japan has experienced simply is never going to change for the better. Big thanks to friend of the site Keith Mann for sending in this tip.