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Rona Borre is an Inspiration to Other Women

Rona Borre is the originator and the CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago recruiting and staffing company that she started in 2001. Today Instant Alliance bills millions of dollars annually to clients who are Fortune 500 companies, midsized and smaller companies who want and need her company’s services.

She is also very actively civically and has leadership roles in such organizations as the Chicago Network, The Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Chicago Economic Club, check  She accepts plenty of requests to speak at civic clubs, business meetings and various other groups around Chicago. She is frequently interviewed on local radio and television shows as well.

Rona Borre likes to point out that she is the head of a “woman owned” business. This is highly encouraging to younger women and young girls because Borre is clearly outpacing many “male-owned” businesses by a long shot. When asked how she accomplished all that she has, she answers that hard work and outthinking the competition are major keys.

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Borre claims that staffing companies approach their business from the wrong perspective. She gets to the heart of why a CEO hires a certain type of person and then finds that person instead of combing through piles of resumes. Since the retention rate of her efforts over 15 years is 99%, it appears her techniques work.

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Susan McGalla’s Three Important Strategies For Women

Today 46.9% of women compose the labor force, but 14.6% make up executive officers. Susan McGalla notes that the demand for female labor in America has grown. However many women still find it difficult to advance in the workplace. Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Susan is an expert consultant to clients on branding, marketing, talent management and operational efficiencies.

Susan McGalla gives women three important strategies and tactics to succeed. The first strategy is high education equals greater opportunities. Susan explains since women make up half the professional workers in the United States, to succeed educated women needs to increase. With that being pointed out Susan advises young women not to be intimidated by the growing cost of a higher education.

Susan’s second strategy is continued confidence. By this she means although e higher education may increase opportunities yet the women entering the work force environment can lead women to feel less confident. Susan advises women to find support and built a network of influencers. The last strategy is “ignore the glass ceiling” Susan’s own personal success was to ignore this and instead focus on her work ethic. Susan McGalla’s angle was her career was not to break the glass ceiling. Susan McGalla’s advice to women was orginally reported on PR Newswire.

Susan McGalla is an American businesswoman and executive consultant. She is also a former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and former executive officer of Wet Seal, both are clothing companies, check Susan McGalla is board member of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Also she is director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.  Hit this.

According to, Susan McGalla’s career first started at Joseph Home Company. Her role at American Eagle Outfitters was a divisonal merchandise buyer and additional roles til she was promoted. Susan’s role as company president she over sees eerie and kids brand.


Susan McGalla Stands Out To Help Women to Become Successful in the Labor Force

Advocacy for change in the treatment of women in their workplaces has caused a buzz over the past century. According to the U.S Department of Labor, the labor force comprised of one out of five women in the mid-20th century. Currently, the workforce consists of 46.9 percent women. However, only 14.6 percent of them are executive officers. Susan McGalla, an enthusiastic businessperson, noted that women continued to face challenges in the labor market.

Susan McGalla is an expert consultant in fields such as marketing, branding, and talent management. She is also the esteemed founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Susan has spoken about being a successful businessperson to an audience like Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. Below are some of the strategies necessary for being a successful woman in the workforce.  Click on

Tactics of becoming Successful

Women Should Embrace Higher Education

Susan McGalla said that the labor force of America had many women. However, achieving success in a male-dominated workplace required an increase in the university education of women. This is necessary for them to gain a skill-dependent economy. Susan advised women to adopt financial aid and scholarship programs to cater for the higher education costs.

Women Should Remain Confident

Women often lose confidence when they enter the workforce. Susan McGalla quoted Bain & Company’s study that pinpoints the aspirational level of women, which decreases by 60 percent because of the influence of management. She cited that women required the support and a network of influencers to help them to succeed.  More about McGalla on

Women Should Break the Glass Ceiling

Susan mentioned that she ignored the “glass ceiling” and concentrated on her work ethics. Further, she encourages women to keep persevering in their workplaces. Susan cited that women should fight against discrimination and prejudice at their place of work. They should also avert stereotypes and let their jobs define them.  Hit this.

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