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Whole Foods Caught Overcharging in Several New York City Locations

In our health conscious society, Whole Foods supermarkets have been doing quite well. They tend to spring up in cities and areas where there are clusters of people who care about their health, and they attract those folks who buy organic produce and who don’t like artificial ingredients. Huffington Post wrote that they were ahead of the curve on this whole movement of people eating healthier, and now they are reaping the benefits. That said, the food retailer has hit a bump in the road recently, particularly their stores in New York City.

An investigation by officials with the city uncovered that several of their stores had mislabeled certain foods, and customers were getting overcharged for them. The heads of the company, John Mackey and Walter Robb, came out with a video apology, stating that it was inadvertent and that they would take measures to fix the problem such as retraining employees and integrating an outside auditing system to assure this mislabeling does not occur again. Despite them saying it was unintentional, it is interesting to note that apparently all of the price ‘mistakes’ were to the stores advantage. Out of 80 items weighed from 8 stores, they all had erroneous labeling. The scales they use for measuring being off in so many stores is not really plausible. Hopefully this is just an unfortunate blip in their business as they do generally offer good food to people, but clearly they were trying to get away with something here.

Whole Foods No Longer Whole Paychecks

Whole Foods is looking to be rid of it’s unfortunate nickname Whole Paychecks. The moniker was lovingly given by it’s customers due to Whole Foods’ seriously high prices. Known for organic and locally grown foods, the store does boast quality products across their shelves only. You wont find your typical Ramen and Cheez-Its at this place.

With more people wanting nutritious food one would think Whole Foods would be at the front of the market. However the rising costs have pushed away previously regular customers posing the question “What’s next?”. With the current state of affairs Whole Foods has announced that it will be launching a new brand to cater to the concerns of it’s less financially abundant customers.

Christian Broda (realdailybuzz) has learned that these new stores will have similar products at a greatly reduced cost the company states. There is a hope that this new brand will not only bring former customers back, but also introduce new shoppers to their markets.

Natural and organic food sales are at an all time high. In order to move with the current economy Whole Foods needs to make adequate changes in response to their target markets sudden droop. The concept has just started for them so there is no news on what the brand will be called or where the first store will open. Health conscious consumers however can rest easy knowing that their voices are being heard.