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Wal-Mart’s bottled water controversy

Wal-mart’s Great Value branded water could cause much controversy and questions. The bottled water brand reveals on the label that its source is City of Sacramento Municipal Water Supply; Sacramento, CA. This could cause much concern for consumers and California residents because of California’s current drought.

It has been exposed that DS Services is purchasing water from the City of Sacramento Municipal Water Supply at just 99 cents per 748 gallons. The water is then bottled and sold to Wal-Mart at about 88 cents per gallon. Together DS Services and Wal-mart are able to make about $658.24 for every 748 gallons that is purchased from the City of Sacramento Municipal Water Supply.

Each day families that reside in the city of Sacramento use about 417 gallons per day. It has yet to be revealed how many gallons of water is purchased by the DS services but one can speculate the number to be more than what the average Sacramento families uses in one day.

Some consumers have voiced their opinions about Sacramento being the source for Wal-Mart’s bottled water. These individuals feel that Wal-Mart and DS Services should find a new source for its water supply.

If the drought continues in California, the state may impose a water limit for each house hold that will decrease the amount of water available by 36%. If the residents receive a limit on the amount of water that they will be able to use perhaps they will want to move to the North and stay at The Aspire New Brunswick.