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Marc Sparks: the example set for modern entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is an excellent entrepreneur! This has to be the first sentence when we describe this man. Ever since he graduated from high school in 1975 that he started several business ideas, some with a lot of success, and some that did not, which is part of the growth as an entrepreneur. Right now, Marc Sparks is in what we can call, the “mature stage” of entrepreneurship, all the lessons learned, all the failures that provided a step closer to great success, all of those will serve as a path for younger entrepreneurs.

“They Can’t Eat You”
“They Can’t Eat You” is the title of the book that Marc Sparks wrote to pass his experiences to new entrepreneurs understand that the path of success is very harsh, and sometimes not a very rewarding one. All the experiences described are fantastic and valuable lessons for everyone that wants to venture in the path of building his own career.
The greatest value transmitted by Sparks’ book is the passion he places in everything he does, and where there are no impossible when you want to reach and that is possible to have a wide range of interests while you develop you career.

When does success happen?
Another valuable lesson that you learn with Sparks, is that success is right now, you must always have your doors open to success and keep refining your ideas to the point they will get in a point where you do not need to keep investing more resources than you should. According to Sparks’ way of business, you shouldn’t have fear to lose, as long as you can maintain yourself and your family, anything you lose other than that is just collateral or if you want to put it in that way, it’s the investment’s risk.

Value the people
Marc Sparks’ greatest achievement is to be able to place his family and others’ above the road for money and success. Being possible to give back to society is also one of his traits, we work for ourselves, but we can produce surplus to give back to the people who supported us, who helped us or those that simply never had an opportunity such as he keeps having. This native from Dallas keeps inspiring people into success and to help others, that is what makes of Marc Sparks a perfect example for modern entrepreneurs.