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Sultan Alhokair Looks to Improve the Chances of Companies Finding Seed Funds

Funding a new company is something that can be hard to do and can often require the developers of a new product or service to go to established companies with a long history of providing funding at the seed-stage of development. One of these companies is Valia Investments, whose Sultan Alhokair is looking to help as many companies as possible find the seed funding that can mean the difference between the success and failure of a company. Alhokair believes a large amount of the success and failure of specific companies is based upon the work and research the company does before looking to find a large amount of funding to develop their service or product.

Sultan Alhokair believes there are four specific areas of looking for seed funding that can assist an individual developer in becoming more successful in their search for funds during the initial stages of development. The first and most important aspect of research that should be completed by a start-up company looking for seed funding is understanding how investors will get their money back from the product or service. Many companies have been made wary of investing in products and services without a simple way of understanding how their investment will be returned following the dot com bubble bursting in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Once a company can show their potential investors how they will get a return of their funding, Sultan Alhokair believes a compelling story about the development of the product or service can add an extra layer of passion and commitment. By making investors aware of how passionate a developer is they can add a sense of security to potential investors. Although this is the area many do not enjoy completing the knowledge of the market being entered and large amounts of market research about the potential popularity of a product can make all the difference to the level of seed funding achieved. Finally, working out how an investor will exit the project if it does not work out to plan is an important part of any seed funding discussion. Knowing that some funding will be returned is important to an investor who knows there is always the risk of a project failing. To get some more background on Sultan Alhokair check out his YouTube and Vimeo pages.