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The Traveling Vineyard – A Great Way To Build An Income

There seems to be so many work-at-ome types of opportunities that it boggles the mind as to which are legitimate and which are just a waste of time. An opportunity that seems to be the real thing is The Traveling Vineyard.

With this program you offer people the opportunity to hold wine tasting parties in their home with the understanding that they will receive a few bottles of really good wine for their trouble. They invite friends and family, and you, as the Wine Guide, as the representative is called with the Traveling Vineyard lead them through the tasting of various proprietary wines along with explanations in regard to parings and sommology which is the process of matching the right wine with the right food.

It is easy to get started with Traveling Vineyard, as it only requires a startup cost of $174 which includes all that you need to get going. Called the Success Kit, the packet contains everything from wine glasses, openers, decanters, brochures, order forms, carrying bags, materials for marketing and two wine kits, so that two tasting parties can be hosted. The average sales at parties range from $400 to $500, so there are potential earnings right off the bat.

Commissions vary from 15 to 35 percent, depending on your level in business. Wine Guides can make money several different ways. First of all there are the home tasting parties, such as was just mentioned. There are also online sales, from a personalized website that comes free for the first three months, and then only costs $15.95 per month. Then there is the Wine Club where customers can get discounted prices on wines and accessories. Finally, you can build a team where you receive overrides on the production of people in your group.

As one Wine Guide put it, the business costs less than $200 to get started and all of the necessary knowledge equipment is furnished at the outset. All that has to be done is do what is suggested, reinvest, and keep the profits. She reasoned that since there are only about 1,200 Wine Guides in the US, that this is a great opportunity.

The Traveling Vineyard is a good opportunity because Americans ordinarily drink lots of wine. For instance, in 2013 over 892 million gallons of wine were consumed, according to the Wine Institute. Since wine is a consumable item, it stands to reason that there will be repeat orders, and there are! For more info about us: click here.

If you are looking for an opportunity to make some extra money, this could be a good option. People do like to get together for a good cause, and what better cause could there be than to taste and sample some good wine, and learn all about proper wine pairing as well?

Traveling Vineyard Offers Wonderful Opportunities For Income Growth

Mothers can sometimes say to themselves that they prefer the joy of spending time with their kids more than the fulfilling allure of commercial work outside their homes. This feeling is what drives most moms to find alternative ways to shun the corporate world and just spend time at home at the same time earning.

This feeling is what’s keeping them from feeling that they are looking away from the bravura of money outside their homes. It’s timeless to spend time with your kids, but people also need to earn an income. This balance is what’s also giving the moms the urge to join in companies like Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard is just one of the companies today that offer moms the whirr of an excitement found in earning money at the same time giving them ample time to spend with their children at home. Based on a series of testimonials, almost reaching 1,000, Traveling Vineyard has been the avenue of so many moms that it’s no wonder why it’s a leading destination for moms who want to build a business with just a little investment of time.

If you’re a mom or just pretty much anyone who wants to earn an income staying at home, Traveling Vineyard affords so many opportunities for growth. It’s an extra plus if you have marketing skills and have the online presence that provides a lot of potential for products you can advertise. If you have an e-commerce site, all the better to join Traveling Vineyard and be a wine guide to boost your side income.

One great thing about joining in Traveling Vineyard is that you can maximize your time enjoying what you love and spending time with friends. Why? Because Traveling Vineyard works when you spend more time with people, such as your friends, who love to drink wine over cold cuts and movies. For more info about us: click here.

How Does Traveling Vineyard Work?

The system in Traveling Vineyard starts by buying the $189 investment kit that members can then use to invite other friends to buy the package kit. The kit comes with five bottles of wine and gives people the chance to earn a commission everytime their friends buy the same bag. The kit also comes with tasting glasses and a batch of order forms and wine carrier, so you an lure in more people to join you at the same time earning a commission.

All the new members of the Traveling Vineyard will also get a website in which they can advertise their wines for sale. Isn’t this great? Truly, it’s no wonder that you can see from Traveling Vineyard’s social presence the numerous people who have already joined as Traveling Vineyard’s wine guides.

Andy Wirth Discusses The Future Of Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has recently published an op-ed piece in the Auburn Journal regarding the future of Squaw Valley. Squaw Valley is in the North Tahoe area, which relies heavily on tourists to keep the economy going. However, tourism drops off around a certain point in the year.

Instead of seeing the usual slump during the year, Wirth and the community have come up with an idea to stay competitive and help the area survive economically. Their new goal is to keep Squaw Valley busy year round. This way, more tourists will be attracted to the area and create more jobs for those who live locally. The community supports the plan to expand what is offered at the Village at Squaw Valley, as long as the environmental impact is low. Wirth has proposed two year-round activities to boost the economy: Squaw Creek Interpretive Park and Mountain Adventure Camp. The Squaw Creek Interpretive Park will offer biking and hiking trails, as well as educational content. The Mountain Adventure Camp will offer athletic training facilities as well as adventurous recreational activities.

Andy Wirth is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which includes both Squaw Valley and the Alpine Meadows Resorts located in Olympic Valley, California. Wirth joined Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in 2010 and has been at the helm ever since. Early this year, he was made Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board by the Board Trustees. In this position, he hopes to revamp the Reno-Tahoe Airport to bring in more tourists to the area.

In 2013, Andy Wirth experienced a life-changing event. While skydiving in Lodi, California, Wirth missed his drop point and landed in a vineyard. While landing, his right arm caught on a metal fence post and was nearly severed. He managed to stem the bleeding until help arrived. After many surgeries, Wirth was able to keep his right arm and has regained use of it.

Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings can be seen in a 2013 episode of “Undercover Boss”.

Trading Hybrids for SUVs – A Surprising Consumer Trend

For a brief time, it seemed electric an hybrid cars were going to be the wave of the future. Such a future may come to pass. Right now, this does not seem to be the case at all. A huge number of hybrid vehicles are, ironically, being traded in for SUVs. Yes, cars that are touted for their fuel efficiency are being “upgraded” to vehicles known for their very high fuel consumption. How could such an outcome occur?

A drastic lowered of gasoline prices in recent months definitely factors into the outcome.

Gasoline prices have dropped off quite a bit since Saudi Arabia greatly increased supply. Hydraulic fracturing in the United States also boosted supplies and dropped price demands. So, it is no longer as expensive as it once was to drive a SUV. While a great many people did purchase hybrid cars as a means of helping out the environment, a significant volume opted to buy these cars solely because they could save money on gas. Now that fuel is cheaper, all of those hybrid trade-ins are going towards the down payment on a gas guzzler.

Purchasing and consumer trends are never stagnant. Adam Sender is aware of this. Things changed based on market factors. In time, the odds are great that fuel prices will chart upwards once again. The minute this happens, sales on hybrid cars are going to increase. Such is the nature of the ebb and flow of the market.

The Dorchester Collection Still Growing

The Dorchester Collection is a management group that owns and manages ten of the most elegant five star, top of the line, luxury hotels in the world. Some are owned by the Dorchester Collection, others are owned by various outside owners or partial owners. These hotels are located all over Europe and the United States. The hotels have a reputation for each being different and each having their own personality. It is said that they offer the most unique and luxurious experiences that are possible. Each one has its own individual unique experience and elegance. Each of these hotels is in some of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world.

They are also known for some of the richest and most famous guests staying in these hotels on a regular basis. They offer every possible service and meet every possible need and do so with elegance and panache. These hotels have five star chefs that are famous for making lavish appetizers, meals, and scrumptious desserts. They have lavish lobbies, beautiful flowers everywhere, marble counters and bathrooms in their rooms, lavish carpets, big, beautiful rooms, beautiful armoires, and beautiful and elegant bathrooms. Each hotel has its own unique style.

When you are staying at one of these ten lavish hotels everything will be done for you; bringing in your bags, quick, efficient check in and all your possessions taken to your room. Fast and friendly service for your drinks, snacks, and meals with chefs that will make anything you request.

The Dorchester in London has some of the largest and most elegant suites found anywhere; their rooms have Italian marble, expensive rugs, lavish draperies, and art deco furniture. All of their rooms have either a view of Hyde Park or great views of the city. They have elegant tea served in the afternoon and European French dinners served in their elegant restaurant in the evening. The Le Meurice in Paris is done in 18th century palace décor with up to date chic, with the suites and rooms decorated with Italian marble on all seven stories of the hotel. It is located near the Louvre, and the French restaurant gives you a beautiful view of the massive garden outside while you enjoy French food made by a five star chef.

The Hôtel Plaza Athénée is also in Paris, and has just had a major face lift. The rooms and suites in the hotel look out either on the Eiffel Tower or on their gorgeous courtyard and all of the rooms have a fabulous patio full of flowers to enjoy. The hotel is located is the midst of all of the new Designer Fashion boutiques and shops. Each room is decorated very opulently and beautifully. The next hotel is the Le Richemond, Geneva. This hotel is on the banks of Lake Geneva and has hosted some of the most famous artists in Hollywood and government dignitaries in the world. They have over 100 rooms and 19 beautiful suites that offer the top in luxury and opulence. Their restaurant serves the most wonderful Mediterranean Food in all of Geneva, Switzerland. Another treat that is offered is the relaxing massages in their Spa. These are just a few of the ten wonderful hotels in the Dorchester Collection. There is also the 45 Park Lane in London, the Coworth Park in Ascot, Berkshire, Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, and the Hotel Eden in Rome. The company’s home office is located in London, England which is also where one of the their famous hotels is located.

Exceptional Specialists of Rare and Fine Wines

The Antique Wine Company, located in London, England, is dedicated to those with exceptional taste and a true love and passion for vintage fine wines. Shipping on a global scale with quality that is hard to match, it is surprising that Stephen Williams, the founder and CEO of The Antique Wine Company, only began this company in 1982.

Holding over 10,000 bottles in the cellar of its’ building, there is a bottle for every taste imaginable including those like Christian Vanneque who purchased the world’s most valuable bottle of white wine from them for 75,000 pounds. Specializing in the very rarest and best wines only this company holds many wine events to educate customers on the delicacy of notes of flavors and types of wine available and the necessity of storing wine properly. Sun exposure or inadequate temperatures can damage wine. They also help customers create their own wine cellars and collections. For those who already have exquisite wine collections and are looking for a way to display and organize them, The Antique Wine Company sells handcrafted wine cabinets as well.

In spending so much time and money on vintage bottles of wine, there is the obvious concern of whether or not the wine is authentic in quality and age. Many consider wine to be one of the top items of the world that are counterfeited. The AWC utilizes state of the art technology and scientific testing for absolute accuracy and verification of age and quality. X-ray machines and an ion beam produced by a particle accelerator are used on each bottle to determine its’ age with the results being passed on to each customer so they have absolutely no doubts that they are getting what they pay for. Their process of analysis does not damage the quality or flavor whatsoever, it simply prevents counterfeiting.

If you are a wine connoisseur with fabulous taste or simply someone who wants to know more about rare vintage wines, this is certainly a company worth looking in to.