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Trademarks On Sounds

Quite a few different things might surprise you with their trademarks. There are quite a few sounds out there that you might be surprised to find out have trademarks.
Some of the sounds that have trade marks include Tarzan’s yell and Darth Vader’s breathing. Also, the Pillbury Doughboy’s giggle, the Aflac Quack, and the Mockingjay Whistle. All of these different organizations and companies have decided to trademark their sounds, so that no one can directly copy them.
There are so many different trade marks on different things out there nowadays, and Bruce Levenson guesses that it really shouldn’t be too surprising to find out that all of these sounds are trademarked, as well. What is your opinion on trademarks? Do you think that they are a good idea, or do you believe that they are unnecessary? Do you think that it’s good for the companies to be able to trademark the things that make them unique, or do you believe that it would be better if trademarks didn’t exist at all?