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King of the Skies, Andy Wirth

A Bloomberg reporter said that many people love to glide in the skies as they fall back to earth, Andy Wirth is one of those people. Having always wanted to get into skydiving Mr. Wirth found a new friend in J.T. Holmes. This chance meeting had presented itself while Andy Wirth was settling in at Squaw Valley.

Becoming the new president and CEO in 2010 for Squaw Valley Ski Holdings he never could have guessed his life was about to change dramatically. Spring pf 2011 Sean McCormick, a Red Bull athlete, helped Any Wirth to become certified to jump.

No wonder KCRW stated at a news conference that jumping as often as Andy Wirth was able to, he quickly became almost addicted to the feeling ( Things went well for him in this endeavor till that fateful day, October 13, 2013. After a few things going wrong he found himself in a deadly predicament.

Unable to make the drop zone after pulling the rip cord for his parachute too late he drifted into a vineyard. A crosswind caught his parachute leaving his arm to get caught on a vineyard pole.

This took his right arm clean off. Such trauma, though, did not slow him down. More than thankful to the team that came to his rescue he eventually was able to regain 70% use of his right hand. 12 hours were spent on reattaching his arm.

This was followed by over another 50 hours in 24 surgeries for reconstruction. Eventually Andy Wirth returned to his active lifestyle. Trail running along with biking keep him busy now – read more on Tahoe Topia.

This coupled with the new friends he made in some Navy SEALs. Now not only is Andy active physically but also in helping to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. This foundation helps families of SEALs that were wounded or killed. He feeling that their stories and commitment have been a huge part of his recovery.