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The Road to Success for Bonn Oir Vodka

Goody Goody is a rollout distribution company that has established itself firmly in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The organization has been in the industry for the past 51 years. Therefore, it has been able to conquer the market of Fort Worth and Houston, Texas to greater amounts. These is what has led to the partnership of Goody Goody and Bonn Oir Vodka.
It is said that if you want to succeed, associate yourself with successful; people and this is what Bonn Oir company has decided to do in order to create a large-scale market of this wonderful Irish-American vodka in establishments such as restaurants, hotels and bars. The founder of Bonn Oir and C.O.O Dan O’Shevlin said, “Goody Goody has over 16 locations in the state of Texas and this is a company that will enable our company grow and have a competitive advantage in the market.”
Bonn Oir is not regular vodka; it is made from top-grain of soft white wheat. The quality of the vodka produced by the O’Shevlin family is unmatched, and this is because of the filtration and distillation process that is used in the preparation of the vodka. The vodka comes at a retail price of $29.99 for the 750ml bottle.
It is also available in one liter and 50 ml bottle sizes. O’Shevlin Importing Company was started by a brave man known as Joseph O’Shevlin II who decided to leave his country, Ireland in 1916, and venture into the United States to start his life afresh by creating a unique type of Irish vodka. He did this using his secret family recipe.

According to the of Timber Creek Capital’s Marc Sparks, they are the primary equity that has behind Bonn Oir Gold Medal Vodka, helping it reach its place in the market, especially in Dallas.
His original recipe is what is being used till now although his grandson, Dan O’Shevlin made significant improvements in the production by incorporating unique production processes and also employing the services of professionals. This information can be found in a published article on Street Insider.