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Richard Mishaan Design: Taking Design to Another Level

If you keep up with architecture, fashion and design news, you probably know who Richard Mishaan is. The design guru is known for his unique taste and blend of both architecture and fashion into his interior designs. His firm, the Richard Mishaan Design, is one of the leaders in the interior design sector. The firm is known and reputed for creating styles that are both artistic and timeless.



For over 25 years, Richard Mishaan Design has done interior design for residential and commercial clients from all over the world. The firm also has many clients in the hospitality industry. For many years now, the firm has been selected on AD 100 and the famous Elle Décor A List. Their projects have led to their recognition thanks to their innovativeness and creativity.



With many clients from all around the world, Richard Mishaan design continues to offer high-quality services. From design development to branding and executing their designs, the firm is engaged in marketing initiatives to sell their brand to even more people. The firm’s Principal, Mr. Mishaan, has also collaborated with other brands and has five licenses in various design categories.



About Richard Mishaan



Richard Mishaan is known for being the brains behind Richard Mishaan Design but he is not your regular designer. He is unique in the manner in which he executes his interior design ideas through Richard Mishaan Design. His roots also help him with the quality and luxurious hints in his work. He was born in Colombia and his career kicked off with a position as an apprentice in Phillip Johnson’s offices. He is also a graduate from the New York University where he earned his BA. He is also an alumnus of the Colombia University where he got his degree in architecture.



Apart from being an architect and interior designer, he is also an author. He has written two books which were published by the famous Monacelli Press.