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Marc Sparks is the Man of Many Talents

The all American Business Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is currently residing in Dallas, Texas. Marc Sparks is an individual who is above average with his numerous talents. Marc Sparks is the all American businessman. Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur along with being a venture capitalist. He is maintaining numerous portfolio companies at this time. Mark Sparks is also the head of Timber Creek Capital.

Business and Success with Marc Sparks
Marc Sparks is well known for owning and operating several successful businesses. This is an individual who has a strong involvement in the telecommunication industry. His involvement includes:
*Blue Jay Wireless
*Cardinal Telecom
*Splash Media
Marc Sparks holds the firm belief that the start of a business must start with the building of a business model. The resources must be acquired t make sure that success is achieved. Marc Sparks is most definitely one of the most successful business men. Success could be his middle name. It would be true to state that success and business is not just a matter of luck. This man who has experienced so much success, is not a person who places himself above others. Marc Sparks will share his business ideas with others in order to assist them in achieving success in their own businesses as well.

A Published Author
Marc Sparks is so passionate with sharing knowledge that he even wrote a book that outlined the steps that lead to success in business. Marc Sparks is highly encouraging to others so that they may also experience a thriving business. The book is titled They Can’t Eat You. Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist who holds the belief that wealth and knowledge is meant to be shared.

A Volunteer
Marc Sparks has talents that extend to philanthropy. Marc Sparks is known to volunteer his time to society. His volunteer endeavors include:
*assisting youth obtaining their high school diploma
*volunteering for Habitat for Humanity
*offering his time at a homeless shelters in Dallas

Well Rounded in Every Way
Marc Sparks is an individual who is well rounded in every way. His talents are many.
He is most definitely an All American businessman that gives much to society. There is much that can be learned from this remarkable individual.

Mark Ahn Sees Entrepreneurship In New Light

Mark Ahn, who I’ve talked about before, shared his insights recently on Entrepreneur Podcast Network. Bioentrepreneurship is Mark’s specialty. His consulting company, Pukana Partners, Inc., provides bedrock strategies for both large and small biotech companies, so let’s hear what Mark has to say about recent trends in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs operate with cutting edge technologies and innovative business strategies. First, our digitalized economy encourages older enterprises to develop new marketing techniques. Think of a website, such as Airbnb, Inc., and how much more exposure it receives than a print-only marketing campaign for a traditional bed and breakfast operation. Second, the globalization of capital markets ensures that entrepreneurs need to think internationally to succeed. Finally, digital life sciences and biology tailor any medicine to the individual’s needs.

The rate of entrepreneurship has fallen recently. The recession curtailed many risk-taking individuals whose efforts may have created as much as 90 per cent of new jobs. In the 20-30 year-old demographic, lower participation in entrepreneurship may spring from student debt. Concurrently, life sciences took a leap forward in business model applications.

20-30 per cent of the time. The trend shifted to individualized medicine, in which cellular biology research provides designer drugs. For instance, hemophilia A may be cured by one injection, as opposed to traditional expensive treatment for life. This major change focuses on the patient becoming their own drug factory. New approaches in life sciences entrepreneurship mean that an entrepreneur may build a company from scratch to cure a complex disease, such as Alzheimer’s, and then go public or merge with established businesses. Mark sees this trend as 3 B’s: Bench, representing the laboratory research bench; Bedside, getting the cure to the patient; and Business Models, companies which change with the times to benefit from the trend.

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