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Americans are Saving Big on Gasoline

It’s a no-brainer that Americans are saving a huge amount on gasoline for their vehicles compared to this time last year. For many inquisitive people, the elephant in the room is this: As far as saving money on gasoline goes, just how much are we saving? Well, compared to last year at this time, we are saving a huge amount of money as a collective country.

First of all, let’s look at the facts: At about this time last year Americans were paying an average of around $3-$4 dollars depending on where they were in the country. As of a year later, gas prices have dropped almost a dollar and a half throughout the country.

In many places throughout the mid-west, gas prices have dropped to below $2. In the more expensive eastern areas of the country and in California, the price is still a bit high but not as bad compared to last year. It currently sits at around $2.50 compared to upwards of $4 just over a year ago.

At this time last year, Americans were paying a cumulative total of $8.1 Billion a week on gasoline. This year, this figure has dropped to about $5.7 Billion. This equates to a large individual savings. Most people are saving about $7.50 a day on their fuel habits. This is good news because the American mindset, such as Sergio Andrade Gutierrez’s, is to spend that money somewhere else.

Igor Cornelson Speaks Out On TheStreet

Right now Brazil is a Bear of a market. Investors should be wary about investing to heavily in Brazil right now. The Market is poised for big growth, however the investor needs to be careful with their money. The economic market temperature of Brazil is unsteady right now. The new economic matrix didn’t work as planned. ran an original story on this topic with Igor Cornelson. The information he provided will make you feel a little more comfortable investing in Brazil.

According to Igor Cornelson this has slowed the economy a little, and set it up for a big come back. The new Finance Minister Joaquin Levy is preparing the reforms to put the economy back on track. The natural resourses of Brazil has and always will be the strong back bone of the economic body of Brazil. So with a steady hand and your vacation money and these tips from Igor Cornelson you can enter the Brazilian market at just the right time.
Get to know the people of Brazil, these are the ones who know what is brewing down the street. It is their country and they have been there awhile. So tap into their knowledge of what is going on and how do they feel about it. Where do they think the money is going and how did it get there, and why.
The regulatory monster that is Brazil is out of the box. Be patient and work with the system that is set up. It is set up like this because Brazils market is so fragile right now. The Government needs to protect it. Learn to work the regulations and with patience it will pay off big.
Learn the foreign-currency transactions and use authorized financial institutions to control your transactions. The foreign exchange rate is very tricky and changes with the nature of each transaction, and can be very tricky. Make sure you use the correct rate for the correct transaction. It is difficult, however that is where the profit is best.