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Starbucks In The Business World

Caffeine makes the world go round. I’m sure its not the only thing that does, but sometimes it feels that way! Let’s face it, Americans love their caffeine. It gets us through the day, it gets us from point A to point B, and it stops us from being zombies. Those reasons are why caffeine sometimes becomes a travel necessity. On their Instagram account Anastasia Date points out that whether on vacation, or traveling for business many of us need a cup of joe in hand. Not just any cup of joe though, Starbucks.

According to Eater Business travelers spend more money at Starbucks than anywhere else! It’s easy to see why. It just sort of seems like business and Starbucks go hand in hand. When traveling, planes can make you feel groggy and exhausted. Add that to a heavy workload and caffeine is the remedy. There are Starbucks not only on every street corner it seems like, but airports across the country! This is because the business knows that the average businessman craves and needs these caffeinated beverages.

Starbucks is what is most frequently expensed. Those employers are paying for those frappuccinos, and lattes that workers drink while traveling on business! It makes sense though. If you want someone to do good work for your company, you want them to be alert and functioning. Starbucks does that trick for many people.

McDonalds and Panera also top off the list of most frequently expensed places.