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The Dalai Lama of Business; Joseph Bismark


I am a bit of a health nut and in doing some online research into health products, one man’s name kept popping up. Joseph Bismark is the Founder of Qi Group which sells health and wellness products. I came across an article on the WordPress We don’t Love these Hogues and was intrigued by what I read. 

Joseph Bismark is a unique human being. He has become a big success in the business and marketing fields but that in itself is not the amazing part. Before entering the business world, Mr. Bismark actually studied to become a monk at an ashram for eight years. After leaving, he achieved what seemed like overnight success and now has several lucrative companies. Of course, people are uniquely interested in how this happened but there is no surprise there. Mr. Bismark attributes his achievements in the business world to his understanding of ashram living. Creating balance in life will then lead to balance in business. Not only does Mr. Bismark treat each of his employees with respect, but he chooses to treat each managerial decision as a collective of ideas rather than an edict from “the boss.” 

A large part of Mr. Bismark’s philosophy is making sure his corporations achieve harmony with the rest of society. This idea inspired Qi Group to create many non-profit entities that give back to the community and meaningfully contribute to the health and wellness of all people. For example; the RHYTHM Foundation in a non-profit organization that brings arts and music to people around the world. 

It seems that Joseph Bismark has achieved something truly unique. Not only has he created balance in his business life but he has managed to bring social responsibility, business and financial success and spiritual harmony all together to create an community of positivity to everyone he reaches.