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George Soros Believes That Donald Trump Is Helping ISIS Without Knowing It

The extreme rhetoric used by Donald Trump during the recent Presidential campaign in America is feeding the anger of many people who dislike anything that is anti-American. Trump is using the most explosive language possible at all his rallies, and Forbes billionaire George Soros is concerned that Trump is helping the ISIS movement without even knowing it. His language helps recruit for a group that dislikes the west as Trump tells everyone how xenophobic he is. This article explains George’s stance on the issue as he watches from afar.

#1: George Sees The Signs

George Soros has been around for a long time, and he is very familiar with racist language that people have used throughout the years to make their cases for their own movements. The movement behind Donald Trump says that it will make America great again, but George believes that Trump is playing into the hands of recruiters for ISIS who play on his own language. Trump is making America look like a hateful country, and that only feeds the jihadi fire.

#2: Closing Borders Is Impossible

Ideas like closing the borders of the US will never work because it is impossible to close any border entirely. George understands that through his experiences in Europe. The European Union is much more open, and each country is being somewhat open to the idea of taking on immigrants. He knows that Trump does not want any Muslims coming to America, and he says that ISIS can claim rightly that America does not like its kind.

#3: Using Political Capital Is A Risk

George makes note of the migrant crisis in Europe by stating that Germany may have bitten off more than it can chew, but he says that each country must take a risk to help people who are in need. Being completely indifferent to the cause makes a nation look cold, and Trump has the loudest voice in America today. He is singlehandedly making America look like a cold nation that is not at all concerned about others.

#4: George Has Experience In Kingmaking

George is known as a scion of the Democratic cause, and his own talking points sound like a rebuttal of what the Republicans have to say. George is a staunch advocate of people who are not able to defend themselves, and he uses his Open Society Foundation to promote true democracy. He does not believe in the kind of democracy that is proposed by Donald Trump, and it appears he will keep talking about it until the world is balanced.

George Soros is a financial genius who is known for using the Bank of England to make a billion dollars, and he spends his time on worthy causes today. He knows that Donald Trump is a problem, and he hopes that the world is paying attention.