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The Three Stages of Ski Season

Skiing is the quintessential winter sport. Skiing provides individuals a thrill like no other. It allows skiers to enjoy the feeling of the cold wind on their skin while taking them to places they have never been before. There are two popular techniques when on the ski slopes – skiing and snowboarding. Skiing is the traditional way of enjoying the sport while snowboarding has been adopted by the younger generation. The upcoming ski season will lend itself to many people enjoying both techniques. The upcoming ski means that all of the ski resorts all over the country will be open for enjoyment and lift passes will be available to all. Depending on the weather conditions, the ski season will be open from mid-winter, when it is at its coldest and mid spring, when the snow is just starting to melt.

There are three stages of the upcoming ski season. The first stage is the off-peak time. Off-peak usually occurs during the very beginning and the very end of ski season when the open lifts are limited. At the very beginning of ski season, people are just starting to venture to ski resorts. At the end of ski season, many of the ski resorts would be closed or have limited operating hours. The second stage of ski season is the shoulder. The shoulder signifies when the mountains are snow-covered but the lift sales are not as high. When there are no lucrative lift sales, most ski resorts do not have a justification for opening up all lifts. The last stage of ski season is peak. Peak is when the ski resorts are at its highest capacity and the lift sales are very significant. Peak is usually during holidays and times when schools and public companies and spaces are closed.

There are many ski resorts that will be open this year for ski season. Two in particular are Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. Andy Wirth is the chief executive officer of both Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Alpine Meadows. Andy Wirth has a long history within the mountain resort industry. Wirth, born in Nuebrucke, Germany has 25 years of experience managing and leading many mountain resorts and hotels. Andy Wirth has won countless awards due to his experience in the industry.

Andy Wirth And The 2015-16 Ski Season

Andy Wirth has been the sales and marketing business for over 25 years. He also has much experience managing ski resort companies. He served as vice president of the Steamboat Ski Resort Corporation just before joining the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings team. He currently sits as its president and CEO. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in turn controls and operates Squaw Valley Ski Resorts and Alpine Meadows in the Olympic Valley of California. During his time with these resorts, they have seen a success before unknown to them.

The continuing success of the resort is largely thanks to Wirth’s great confidence and boldness. For instance, he is fully confident that this season will have amazing results despite the present droughts. Such gut feelings have always proven true. This despite the fact that California has mandated a 27% water cutback during the drought. As a result, during last season the attendance at The Squaw Resorts dropped a whopping 20%. Still, Wirth found an effective strategy in saving a huge amount of money by closing a third of the resort property. As a result, business remained good.
The weather this season is supposed to be even harsher, with El Nino wreaking havoc to weather-dependant businesses. Wirth remains confident that his strategies will continue to work. An additional strategy this year in bringing in snow machines when necessary. However, his gut feeling based on contacts he has maintained with weather experts, is that this season won’t be as bad as originally imagined. That being said, he stands at the ready to do make whatever changes are necessary to maintain a good ski season.

Wirth is so confident that this season will be a great one that he plans to keep Squaw Valley open during Thanksgiving weekend. The resort even plans to start construction of an extension in the near future. This is actually a source of angst for environmentalists who are opposing the more modern encroachment into the wilderness. Through all the obstacles whether weather-related or critic-related, Wirth is fully committed to his resorts. He has come to love his home in the Lake Tahoe area and has a driving desire to see it become great.

While his business grows, Wirth relishes in staying healthy and enjoying the great outdoors to the fullest. And naturally, is world class at that as well, having won Ironman several times. Squaw Valley definitely need not worry with Wirth at the helm.