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Tapered Toes and Leather Soles are Stealing the Spotlight in Men’s Footwear Trends

Every accessory design comes and goes with the times, and even in upscale clothing and italian shoes, trends will change. High-end, good quality footwear has a classic touch that will remain, but the details are often slightly adjusted to make certain they have an appearance that is updated and current. Today, the hottest trends have been achieved by making those subtle changes that make a huge difference.

Thinner shoes that look less bulky and boxy are more commonly being seen. These shoes have a noticeable taper, but are not sharply pointed, making them stylish, but still comfortable. Both slip-ons and lace-up shoes are popular, but how a person dresses will decide which they should choose. Lace-ups are the trendiest and look the best with slim fitting suits. They also have the power to dress up a casual weekend outfit just enough to make it acceptable as work-casual.

Leather soles are also currently in vogue, making it into many of the trendiest fashion magazines. To wear them best it is suggested to select a shoe with a thicker sole and taller heel. Although leather is considered the standard in most quality footwear, rubber soles and those with rubber inlays are also flying off the shelves, thanks to their comfort, traction and durability is the wettest of weather.

More than anything, quality is the best feature. Genuine leather, like the Italian leather creations by Paul Evans are an exceptional choice. They offer lace-ups, loafers, boots and more. All are carefully crafted with the finest materials and attention is paid to even the smallest details. The grain of the high-quality leather adds a subtle beauty that makes each pair unique, and the shades of gold, burgundy and glossy brown and black will help them blend perfectly with any wardrobe.

Remember however, that no matter how styles change, the old standards still matter. All fashion experts insist that no matter how many trendy pairs of shoes are tucked in a closet, the traditional black lace-up is a necessity. Not only will it work with any suit color or style, it can also do double-duty with a casual ensemble as well.

Paul Evans Is The Leading Leather Shoe Company

New York City’s leading company, Paul Evans, is on a mission to share their authentic leather products with individuals worldwide. Their profound interest in international expansion is facilitated through their e-commerce store which includes descriptions and enticing pictures of their high quality manufactured italian shoes. Essentially, this extremely accessible platform displays an extensive selection of men’s loafers which were crafted with the finest Italian calfskin leather.
Remarkably, the company’s primary goal is to deliver their premier products directly to the consumer with the assistance of their online interface.

Paul Evan’s e-commerce platform is enticing a variety of individuals from many parts of the world. Although the marketplace is oversaturated with fashion companies, the company’s practical purchasing interface is quickly exceeding competitor expectations.

Notably, this revolutionized selling approach is targeted toward consumers who enjoy hassle free ordering. By completing a transaction online, patrons avoid long wait lines and outrageously priced products while the company appreciates greatly reduced overhead costs and easy operational management. Undeniably, the Paul Evan entrepreneurs truly understand the needs of the customers because these two strategic businessmen were also in search of quality leather shoes at a reasonable price.

In addition to their unprecedented selling concept, Paul Evan’s long-term success is influenced by their proprietary products which are designed in New York and manufactured in Italy. Their extensive database of high quality men’s shoes and accessories include: oxfords, loafers, boots, monk straps, belts, and bags. Their handcrafted products are manufactured with the finest Italian calfskin which is employed by some of the greatest luxury brands in the world.

Traditionally, leather from Italy is composed from the hid of ostriches which is typically known as “full grain.” Full grain leather is often stronger and more durable and, consequently, this piece of material is sold at a higher price. With the elimination of overhead costs and strictly selling online, consumers can enjoy high quality products with a fair price tag. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a good pair of genuine leather shoes, by employing Paul Evan’s e-commerce platform, individuals can purchase premium loafers or oxfords for approximately $350. In addition to affordable costs, the company offers free international shipping, exchanges, and US returns which are covered by the 365 day return policy.

Today, Paul Evans is the premier leather shoe company and presents their products to consumers around the world. Unlike traditional retail corporations, the businesses’ uniqueness lies in their accessible and user-friendly e-commerce interface as well as their affordable prices. Amazingly, Paul Evans ships to every country with fast DHL shipping. They will accept returns and exchanges if the patron is not 100 percent satisfied with their shoes or accessory.