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Bill Clinton Used A “Pass Through” Company To Pay Himself

Bill Clinton was born to be in the public eye. Clinton is one of greatest Democratic politicians of the 20th century, and he is a very savvy businessman. While Hillary was Secretary of State Bill earned more than $50 million on the speech circuit. He also earned an undisclosed amount of money through business transactions that were passed through a Delaware shell corporation. That corporation was first set up in 2008. PurinaStore wrote that the corporation was never reported in family financial disclosures.

Bill has done a considerable amount of consulting work for Democratic friends, and the funds from those transactions were funneled through this Delaware WJC, LLC. WJC, LLC companies are usually set up to legally protect assets and in some cases to reduce tax liabilities.

No one is sure how much income went through Clinton’s shell company, but it’s safe to say millions were deposited into company accounts, and they were used to fund Clinton business ventures and other activities. Using a WJC, LLC company is not illegal, but it does raise a few Republican eyebrows.