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OSI Industries Has Experienced Tremendous Growth


OSI Industries continues to expand its world worldwide influence within the food manufacturing industry. The company acquired Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch manufacturer which specializes in snacks, deli meats and convenience foods. OSI executives are excited about the acquisition. They believe that Baho Foods has a business model that compliments what OSI Industries is trying to accomplish over the long run.

Baho Foods has plants in Germany and the Netherlands. Their team of leaders will remain in place as the merger continues to materialize. Members of the Baho Foods team believe that partnering with a much larger company will open up opportunities for them to achieve the goals that they had set previously.

Tyson Foods is another OSI Industries acquisition. Tyson Foods is a Chicago area based company. It was acquired for 7.4 million dollars. The business move saved hundreds of jobs at Tyson, which was ready to close its doors. Many employees were offered positions with OSI. It was estimated that nearly 480 jobs would have been lost if the group had not completed the purchase of Tyson Foods.

Flagship Food Group is another European company that joined the OSI team. They accepted the buyout offer and is looking forward to working with a multi-billion-dollar organization. Flagship Food Group provides many services throughout the United Kingdom such as frozen poultry, Oliver James pies, mayonnaise, dressings, and sauces.

Despite the tremendous growth of OSI, the company has maintained its integrity. It was presented with the Globe of Honor Award for 2016 by the British Safety Council. The award is designed to bring awareness to companies that are dedicated to implementing safe practices throughout every aspect of their organization. OSI has been diligent about these practices. Measures have been taken to hold individuals accountable for business practices that are not up to OSI standards.

OSI Industries was founded in the early 1900s. It began as a family meat market in the Chicago area. It soon blossomed into a thriving meat supplier for other food businesses within the region. The founder, Otto Kolschowsky, eventually turned the company over to his sons. Otto and Sons continued the tradition of innovation and smart business practices. This led to a relationship with McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Otto and Sons grew with the McDonald’s organization. The company later became known as OSI Industries. for more information.


CEO of OSI Group: Sheldon Lavin. Multiple Times Winner of the Global Visionary Award


Work Background

Mr. Sheldon Lavin came into the industry about 43 years ago and had a great career as an investor in the banking industry and had his own financial consulting company. He became CEO of the OSI group. Lavin’s journey to the meat business started in 1970 when he facilitated the financing for Otto and Sons which was the earlier name for OSI Industries, LLC. He had a chance to develop a meat processing facility.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Mr. Lavin is the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. He is the general trustee of Rush University Medical Center. He used to serve as a Director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

What is the Global Visionary Award?

The Global Visionary award honors visionaries in different fields who have converted their dreams into reality by exhibiting persistence to achieve their objectives. Learn More.

When Did Mr. Sheldon Lavin Receive the Award?

CEO Sheldon Lavin got the award on 20 Feb. 2016 at the Gujrat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Lavin guided the OSI Group company since the year 1995 and operated eight locations all through India, providing custom processing of vegetables, fruit and meat.

What Awards Hasthe OSI Group Received Since Sheldon Lavin’s Has Been CEO?

OSI Group has received many awards over the years, and that includes awards for health management and safety risks and also environmental management.

OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. The company received this prestigious award due to its environment risk management strategies. OSI Food Solutions was given the award in London. OSI Group also received the environmental award on 25 Nov. 2016.

OSI Group has grown to great extent with international acquisitions, expansions and enhanced revenue. Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin recognized the business again for its great performance in sales for facilitating, cooking, packaging and processing solutions. He manages the everyday operations and also the management team at the location and leads the company to great success. for more .