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Not Paying Employees

Wal-Mart has been a company that has always claimed to take care of its employees. A federal judge could have something to say about the amount of money that it was paying to employees, ending in owing millions of dollars in back pay. says there are a few regulations with the minimum wage laws in California. Wal-Mart didn’t abide by those laws in all cases. Truck drivers who delivered the goods to the stores weren’t paid as they should have been while they were still on duty. Granted, they were taking care of the trucks while they were on duty, but these trucks are the property of the company. The drivers should have got paid for the time spent on the job, and Wal-Mart didn’t give them everything that they earned. If the ruling by a judge in the state stands, then the company could be ordered to pay back money owed to the drivers. This only shows that large companies tend to forget the hard labor that is required in order to get the companies off the ground and to stay in business.