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Seattle Genetics Innovative Treatment of Cancer

In 1998 the company Seattle Genetics was started, co-founded and led by Clay Siegall as the company’s President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of The Board. They have since become an influence in their field and continues to push be innovative and move the technology forward.
Seattle Genetics focuses on creating innovative antibody-based therapies as a treatment for cancer. They have created an effective antibody drug treatment that is looked at as one of the most effective drug oriented treatments in cancer treatment. The treatments that have been created by this company are available in forty-seven countries at this point, and it is hoped to be seen in more countries as time goes on.
Under the leadership of Siegall the company has found its way to generating over three hundred million dollars and they are continuing to grow with his ambitious leadership. Siegall has also played a leading role in finding all of the needed funding Seattle Genetics. Using both public and private finances, he raised more than $675 million dollars, and this included the company’s public offering in 2001.
This company is one of the most innovative in the field of cancer research and treatment currently, and it would have undoubtedly not made it as far as it has today without the fundraising skills and the overall ambition that Clay Siegall brings to the table. The company intends to continue to grow and bring their method of treatment to new countries where it can hopefully help more people. Siegall will play a large role in this process, and it can be said confidently that he will continue to work hard and bring Seattle Genetics up farther in the business world.