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One Way We Love Our Pets

Ever heard of the Purina company before? Of course you have. You probably have a bag or can of their cat or dog food or treats sitting in the pantry right now. After all, Purina has been loving animals and the way they get the nutrition they need for over 80 years now.

We all love our pets. We love them like they were family. It’s been said to the point of being cliche’ but that does not make it less true. We love our pets. Purina love pets too. That is why they have spent the last eight decades perfecting the science of pet nutrition.

The variety of food and treats alone is testimony to the constant research going into the pets we love so much and the many ways that they can get the proper nutrition that they need and deserve.

Purina has even been involved in bring your pet to work day! And it has had
some very positive effects for the pets and the owners alike. This is just one
example of the many ways the the people at Purina are constantly striving to
come up with new and fun ways for our best furry friends to share life with their favorite people pals!

Just looking at the Purina News Center website, it’s clear that they are on the cutting edge of the newest and tastiest ways for our pets to get the healthy food and treats that people have come to expect from them over the many years that they have been making sure our pets stay happy with the food they provide, and healthier because of it as well.

As far back as I can remember having a pet in my house I can remember there
being Purina on the shelf for my families pets and it will continue to be that way, because let’s face it, Purina is just another way we love our pets.

The Image Recognition Revolution

The trouble with computers is that before they can do anything, they must be taught every small task involved in performing the larger one. For example, before a computer can learn to identify an image it must first learn to see. Once it learns to see, it must learn how to tell one object from another. Computers fist appeared in World War II, and have only just become to truly become capable of image recognition.

Computer image recognition refers to any program which is designed to teach a computer how to isolate an image in a scene, search for the image in its database, and then report what that image is. The ultimate goal is that a compute should be able to be asked “is there a dog,” and the program will identify all possible variants of dog before wanderings. Looking for dogs has become an industry litmus test for image recognition, but it is not the practical application. One possible use for image recognition is to look for missing persons in security cameras. It may sound like something out of a sci fi movie, but with a program that can identify a face even if the angle is awkward or the hairstyle has changed, the fiction may soon become fact.

Another use is for luggage searches. At airports, searching for explosives and weapons in carry ons is a security must. At present, humans must look for things resembling contraband objects before they get onto the plane. Unfortunately, humans are often wrong. Airport security is littered with false positives and missed security risks. Image recognition can be used to instantaneously search a bag or a person and mark anything that fits the profile of a potentially hazardous item. Once perfected, the software will make traveling significantly safer and make airport security less of a hassle.

Slyce is a leading image recognition company. They have pioneered mobile image recognition technology on smartphones. The company has turned the power of visual searches to the shopping world. Working with retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Tilly’s, Slyce has turned image recognition into profits. Their work has been proved to boost sales by allowing customers to instantly identify and purchase a product as soon as they see it on the street. Slyce uses image recognition to identify what the program is looking at, and then uses further recognition for things like material and accessories to find the exact match.