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Tammy Mazzocco Transitions Into Role of Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are plentiful, but everyone does not get the same level of of acclaim that Tammy Mazzocco has received. She has become one of the top real estate agents in Ohio because she has a successful track record of helping clients find the homes that they desire. This is not uncommon for real estate agents, but the success that Tammy has received is a major accomplishment when one considers the transition she has made. You can visit LinkedIn for more details.

Before Tammy got licensed as a real estate agent she was working at a realty firm. It was during her time in this position that she became aware of some of the inner workings of a real estate company. She became familiar with properties and how real estate agents would put time into finding the perfect properties for their clients. Tammy Mazzocco became intrigued by this, but she was initially fearful to make the transition from an office administrator to the role of a real estate agent. Much of this fear was largely because she was somewhat shy and unaccustomed to the role of discussing finances and what potential customers could afford.

Fortunately, Tammy Mazzocco had mentors that were interested in her progress. She was connected with people that knew her worth, and they knew that she had potential to work in real estate. The encouragement of her mentor Judy Gang would be a monumental stepping stone in her progress as a real estate agent. She would get advice from agents that were established in the business, and she would also map out a list of goals to develop a game plan. More details can be found on crunchbase.

The hard work that Tammy Mazzocco put into becoming a licensed agent shows that she was serious about selling real estate. Her discipline has been rewarded with high praise from her clients.

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