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QNet and Sharp Launch New Air Purifier

QNet has frequently formed a number of successful partnerships over the course of its existence. One of the more recent business partnership developments has been with the Japanese technology giant Sharp.

The new partnership centers on the distribution of an air purifier. A co-branding approach is being taken with the product as it is being dubbed the Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. The air purifier will be sold via QNet’s e-commerce platform and under the health and wellness category of wares.

The sales campaign of the air purifier further shows QNet’s commitment to success in the Indian market. The air purifier will be sold exclusively in India. QNet is a global entity known for achieving success in many niches.

QNet’s base of operations is Hong Kong, and the company has offices all throughout the world. QNet is now in its 16th year of operations, which is impressive considering how hard it is for a startup to succeed and achieve longevity in the competitive world of direct selling.

A bit of confusion exists regarding the concept of direct selling. Many confuse it with multilevel marketing, which is a completely different creature altogether. Multilevel marketing focuses more on the development of a network of sellers and drawing a commission from the work of these people downline in the network. Direct selling is exactly what its name implies. Entrepreneurs sell a product to a buyer. They simply do so away from a retail store site. Commissions are made on the sale of the product.

QNet is working very hard to make sure people better understand the differences between what the company is doing as opposed to the business model of its MLM competitors. In India, QNet put a lot of time and resources dealing with the media to ensure the public realized the company was not in league with any controversial MLM endeavors.

In order for any direct selling endeavor to succeed, the products sold positively must be of high quality. This is why QNet puts enormous effort into developing quality merchandise. Working with a well-known and well-respected company such as Sharp is a good business move. Sharp definitely produces products of quality. QNet-affiliated entrepreneurs are sure to have a lot of faith in something bearing both the QNet and Sharp names. So will customers seeking quality merchandise.

The Business Genius- Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran has already received numerous business awards including the CEO of the year 2013 in Malaysia. The Malaysian business award identifies innovation and best practices in businesses, quality and is usually regarded as the ultimate mark of excellence in businesses and individuals in Malaysia. Eswaran is a very popular person in direct selling sector and is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur and has gone on to receive prestigious awards from the Malaysian minister of trade and trade at the Gala Dinner held on November 15, 2013 at Renaissance Hotel. A renowned speaker and philanthropist, he facilitated the establishment of the internationally recognized QI group in May 1998. It is a wide range of big businesses including e-commerce, retail, financial services and hospitality.


QI University based in Perak is the most recent. His engagements in the charitable works have earned him many accolades and references not only in Malaysia but also globally. During the Gala dinner awards he was quoted saying that he was humbled to have received such an honor that in the past has recognized some outstanding personalities who he personally admires. He expressed his gratitude to everyone who had stood by him and helped him to establish a 1000 plus multi-national business with global mark. He dedicated the trophy to the larger community of supportive, talented and passionate individuals who has contributed their innovation and ideas to the growth of the organization.


Other prominent accolades to his name include having been cited in Forbes annual list of champions of philanthropy in August 2011. He was later awarded the generation achievement honor in philanthropy by steering independent brain tank, Asian Leadership Institute. As the best selling author he takes pride in having written many popular books which include the Bestseller In silence.


The QI companies, established in 1998, is an international e-commerce based business that comprises of a wide range of enterprises with the headquarters in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand and many other subsidiary companies in over 30 countries. This group has around six main business streams which are diversified into luxury and collectibles, lifestyle and leisure, project management, training and education and property development, logistics and e-commerce retail and direct selling business. It has also immensely grown into many segments through well thought strategies world-wide. The group has been able to maintain very high standards of its products and services which have culminated into attracting many customers across the globe. Vijay Eswaran has banked on top class quality that has been one of the major drivers of the lion’s share of the market that this company boasts. Its customers are never swayed by the competitors. The consistent high quality ensures that the company does not incur very high product promotional costs.