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How Either Presidential Candidate Will Affect The Economy

The current election is a new race to us all with the many twists and turns that have happened, which is why Brad Reifler wants us informed about it. The race has currently been narrowed down to two main candidates, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. These two opposites in the political race for president have brought up many different points that will affect our country if they are elected. The main area that most are concerned about is the economy. With bad or good decisions in office, a president has the power to uplift the country’s economics or bring it into a depression. Due to the implications of this, it is important to understand how each presidential candidates’ platform will affect the economy.

Brad Reifler points out the two candidates are looking to effect the economy mainly through taxes. Donald Trump aims to cut the tax separation that has been increasing between the one percent and the rest of the country. He believes he can do this by reducing the spread out of the tax burden by decreasing the amount of complicated tax tiers that are in place. Hilary Clinton, on the other hand, wishes to make changes that would hopefully simplify taxes so that the average citizen would have a better understanding of them. Along with this, both candidates plan on helping out small businesses through different kinds of tax reforms. Each plan is slightly different, but aim to do this through tax breaks and subsidies. Each candidate also agrees on the fact that they should make tax cuts for child care to support families. The two candidates would also deal with estate tax, Trump getting rid of it all together and Clinton seeking to lower the minimum required for it and raise the maximum percent gained.

All together, Brad Reifler shows the two candidates are mostly on the same tax page, except for estate tax and income tax for citizens. These last two are where Americans need to do their research on the candidates because these will be where the differences come when either candidate takes office.