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Things That Make It Hard To Get A Job After College

Jim Dondero suggests that when it comes to the job market, many feel that they are prepared after they have gone through years of college. College graduates will still have a hard time finding jobs because of several different reasons. Obstacles To Finding A Job. Although many college graduates feel that they have learned everything they needed to in the past years of school, it’s not necessarily the case. One thing that may help prevent a college graduate from getting a job is the fact that they don’t have on the job experience.

Although you may have learned what you needed to in school, some jobs actually want to know that you have experience on the job, and not just in the classroom. One of the smartest thing to do is to get some on the job training while going to school because this can help your resume and your future jobs. Don’t be too picky. Sometimes, you just have to take the job that you can get, even though you feel you should be able to do better.

Another problem is living off of money you may have received as a graduation present, instead of looking for work. Job hunting is necessary after college, especially if you’re going to survive in the real world. Don’t let the fact that you have a few dollars in your pocket now, make you think that it will last, because after going out, having fun, and spending a lot of money, you’ll still need a job.