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Dr. Greg Finch’s Orthopedic Practice in Australia

Several problems could result in the performance of an orthopedic procedure to a human being. These procedures are different, depending on where the patient is ailing. For instance, there is the spine surgery which takes place as a result of increasing back pains which reduces the performance of the individual in their activities as the pain causes discomfort.

Spinal fusion is the most practiced procedure when it comes to various surgeries. It involves joining of the spinal bones, also referred to as vertebrae. The advantage of this practice is that the stretching of the nerves is minimal and the movement between the bones of the spine is limited.

There is the ACL reconstruction which represents Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This is the major ligament that stabilizes the knee. While undertaking various activities such as a sport, the knee could twist in the wrong manner thus causing the ligament to rupture. The orthopedic surgeon takes out the damaged ligament and creates another new ACL using the patient’s tissue or tissue from an organ donor. The recently placed ligament is attached with devices so as that it maintains its position. Therefore, the tunnels of the bone that have been put into place by the surgeon are expected to attract new tissues. Thus, they begin to fill in, and the ligament becomes secured.

About Greg Finch

Mr. Greg Finch is a known orthopedic spine surgeon who has been treating patients since the year 2000. He is highly interested in cervical spine surgery, invasive spine surgery and also adult deformity. Mr. Greg Finch began his higher studies at the University of Auckland in 1986 where he specialized in the Bachelor of Surgery which he completed in 1991. He then proceeded to study Orthopedic Surgery at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Greg’s first encounter with a patient as a Pediatric orthopedic and spine surgeon was in the Shriners Hospital for Children where he worked for the first seven months of the year 2000.

From then, Dr. Greg Finch has served as an orthopedic spine surgeon in quite some facilities. Presently, he is working at seven institutions namely the Orthopedic Association based in Newland, Royal Australian College of Surgeons, Australian Orthopedic Association, Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service, and The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital.