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Brad Riefler and Forefront Capital Make Major Announcement

Forefront Capital CEO Brad Riefler wants to make investment markets once available to the very rich open to the 99 percenters. Before the wealth inequality debate, Riefler found himself focusing only on individuals with incomes of over $250,000 and assets to match. He is now introducing a non-accredited investor plan that is tailored specifically to the often ovelooked 99 percent.

Riefler The new plan (Forefront Income Trust) requries a mere $2,500 to invest. Potential investors who make less than $250,000 should thank the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement for the more progressive approach to non-accredited investor. According to Riefler, he wants people to have a safe place to invest and become financially fit. He says his firm has the right fit for all investors.

Reuters actually writes that Brad Riefler has over three decades of experience in stocks and investing. In 1982, he opened Riefler Trading Company and sold it 18 years later to Refco Inc. In 1995, he opened Pali Capital, which had revenues of over $200 million and had offices in the United States, Asia and Latin America. Riefler opened Forefront Capital Group in 2009. The firm provides discretionar and non-discretionary investment advisory services. Forefront has the ability to advise global institutions, financial advisors and investors.