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Image Recognition Technology Changing the Face of Shopping

Technology is improving drastically when it comes to image recognition, according to an MIT Technology Review article. The new technique called deep learning is being used by the social network Pinterest and Pinterest has become popular because of its strictly visual platform. The site is now experimenting with the technology to bring even more visual results to users. All users have to do is draw a box around an object and more results will be displayed resembling the object and in many cases displaying an exact match. is doing something very similar by partnering with a new company, Sentient. Also using deep learning, the user selects a shoe similar to what they are looking for and more results will pop up until eventually it is narrowed down to exactly what the consumer is looking for. Where most computer technology is run by words, this new technology is run by images making it easier for consumers to communicate what they want.

Slyce is another company using image recognition to their advantage. Slyce partners with retailers world wide to offer image recognition technology to shape a consumers experience on the retailer’s website. The technology Slyce offers to their partners is three dimensional starting with bar codes and QR codes which are the easiest ways to distinguish an item. A consumer can snap an image of an item or sales flier and find an exact match of what they are looking for. And going one step further, a consumer can snap a photo of a product used in real life and find an exact or very similar matche on a retailer’s website.

Slyce recently released a new app, Scout, used to save consumers money. A user interacts with the app telling it exactly what they are looking for. The app will find the cheapest option for the item or coupon savings for the store an item is at. While scout can take written requests, snapping a picture of an item works even better allowing consumers to find a similar item or exact match at any store in the database for a better price. Image recognition technology is amping up how consumers shop and retailers do business.

New Suite of Slyce Mobile Visual Search Products

Slyce Inc. declared that it would showcase its line of leading visual search tools for all the retailers and it would debut various kinds of services in beta version. When visual search technology is integrated in various mobile e- commerce applications, it enables the users to click a 3D or 2D image. This may present all matching products from the stock of retailers. These products can be purchased at any point of impulse. The technology empowers visual search for the largest global retailers that include Home Depot, Neiman Marcus and many others. After being showcased, all proprietary products from Slyce allow a preview of all beta products and allow deployment of market.

All the products have been designed for assisting the retailers to increase consumer engagement in mobile, boost revenue from revenue and access intelligence of consumers with the help of Big Data. Technology has enables all the consumers to take a snap or scan anything and receive immediate and exact match online. The Universal Scanner of Slyce handles barcodes, QR codes, coupons and images. The Slyce insights extracts meaningful data in contextual format from images of the product and it provides a unique look at how consumers leverage visual search and enhances their shopping experience. Snap to coupon app allows users to take photo of printed coupons like newspapers, catalog or receipts and generate mobile optimized version of app.

The out of stock mitigation tool makes use of attribute match and increases mobile commerce sales instantly by offering alternatives to the products that are out of stock. This uses sophisticated visual attribute analysis. The portfolio of Slyce for visual search powered consumer applications includes mobile shopping app – Pounce, fashion discovery app – Craves and the leading US mobile coupon app –SnipSnap. Slyce that is based in Toronto has empowered the consumers and companies to start taking simple snaps at your mobile phones. The technologies allow retailers to increase consumer engagement with the help of consumer mobile apps. Visual product has been announced on launch of Slyce Insight and extracts a really meaningful data in contextual format.