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Public Relations Firm Acclaimed for Incredible Growth

The age of the internet is upon us and with it we are currently experiencing a flood of talented entrepreneurs as they try to establish themselves in this lively marketplace. One company, Status Labs, has rocketed up into the forefront of these digital entrepreneurs and they look poised for some serious long term success. In fact Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, made their first appearance in the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list as they placed in at 339. This appearance is hugely important due to the fact that several other huge independent companies got their start here: Timberland, Dell, Yelp, and even Pandora.

Status Labs made their appearance on this list thanks to an astronomic run of growth under CEO Darius Fisher. From 2012, when Fisher assumed total control, to the present we have seen Status Labs grow by almost 1,100%! Status Labs received instant acclaim for this serious growth and they were also honored for how effective their public relations output is and its effect on the innovation of the entire online PR industry. Status Labs owes most of this growth to the way that CEO Fisher handled himself in the wake of Status Labs’ own public crisis.

A few years ago Status Labs hit ‘sink or swim’ time when their co-founder was nailed in a public scandal that had the ability to destroy the company. Reporters were hounding Status Labs, employees were quitting, and only Fisher stood in the center of it all trying to bring everyone back. You could say he succeeded in not only saving the company but completely reinventing their image. Now Status Labs is among the world leaders in bringing PR balance to companies around the globe.

Status Labs has their headquarters in Austin, Texas but they have offices in key cities around the globe: New York and Sao Paulo. The company has focused themselves on improving in the realm of digital SEO marketing, and public relations management both on and off of the internet. With clients from around the planet, it appears that Status Labs is getting into their groove for the long haul.