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Trading Hybrids for SUVs – A Surprising Consumer Trend

For a brief time, it seemed electric an hybrid cars were going to be the wave of the future. Such a future may come to pass. Right now, this does not seem to be the case at all. A huge number of hybrid vehicles are, ironically, being traded in for SUVs. Yes, cars that are touted for their fuel efficiency are being “upgraded” to vehicles known for their very high fuel consumption. How could such an outcome occur?

A drastic lowered of gasoline prices in recent months definitely factors into the outcome.

Gasoline prices have dropped off quite a bit since Saudi Arabia greatly increased supply. Hydraulic fracturing in the United States also boosted supplies and dropped price demands. So, it is no longer as expensive as it once was to drive a SUV. While a great many people did purchase hybrid cars as a means of helping out the environment, a significant volume opted to buy these cars solely because they could save money on gas. Now that fuel is cheaper, all of those hybrid trade-ins are going towards the down payment on a gas guzzler.

Purchasing and consumer trends are never stagnant. Adam Sender is aware of this. Things changed based on market factors. In time, the odds are great that fuel prices will chart upwards once again. The minute this happens, sales on hybrid cars are going to increase. Such is the nature of the ebb and flow of the market.

Gas and Oil Processing Under Scrutiny Again

Everyone has heard the stories about how gas fracking — the hydraulic fracturing process used to extract gas from beneath the surface of the earth through highly pressurized water, chemicals and sand — harms waterways and causes earthquakes. Gas fracking companies have argued that they have done nothing wrong. A recent report though shows that they and oil drillers have done quite the opposite and are in fact doing a lot of harm to the environment in at least three states.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, gas fracking and oil drilling companies in Colorado, Pennsylvania and West Virginia were cited 4,600 times by regulators from 2009 to 2013 for breaking administrative and safety rules. Almost 4,000 citations from that total number happened in Pennsylvania. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says on top of the citations, 1,933 spills occurred in Colorado alone.

Although many of the citations were for paperwork and accounting issues, others involved failure to follow rules designed to make handling and disposal of wastewater safe. Some involved companies failing to create structurally sound and safe wells and drilling platforms.

People living in these states are being warned by experts that they should be constantly vigilant. They should regularly check their properties for spills and their groundwater, at least monthly, for any sign of chemicals or toxins that could make them severely sick. Additionally, some people recommend public protests and petitions against these industries.