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Doug Levitt Chronicles His Greyhound Diaries In One-Man Show

The Greyhound Diaries is a eight-year project conducted by songwriter and journalist Doug Levitt. Beginning in 2004, Levitt embarked on a journey that took him all over the U.S. to gather stories about fellow travelers.

At the end of the journey, Levitt had logged over 100,000 miles over ten years. He met an eclectic group of people whom he found in many ways were not unlike himself. One thing that most shared is they were all working-class poor.

Before embarking upon this expedition, Levitt worked for ABC News and was a foreign correspondent based in London. His travels took to many parts of the world where he reported on everything from politics to war.

The project is similar to the same government initiaves launched in the 1930s that dispatched journalists to the dust bowl to speak about depression-era farm people who fled their homes during the dust storms. Levitt says the pictures and other mementos he explored during his expedition gave him a better understanding of what life is like for ordinary Americans.

Doug Levitt was born in Washington D.C. and attended Columbia University. He also attended the London School of Economics.

Levitt’s series can be seen on PBS. He has also been featured on the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC, NBC, The Today Show and FOX News.

The Greyhound Diaries  has been made into recordings, and Levitt has also produced a one-man show featuring tales from the diaries. “This has been a remarkable journey for me. I have learned a great deal about people and how the live,” said Levitt.

Levitt also gives his time and money to many philanthropic efforts. He volunteers at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington D.C. The Kennedy Center and many local food shelters around the country. He is also producing an album set to be released in 2017.

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MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Can’t Be Beat

Back before the days of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, one would have to go through great lengths to find a Michael Jackson impersonator. What does one do? Search for an actor on Craigslist and be completely disappointed because they had no reel? Luckily Sergio Cortes. Even after MJ’s sad passing, his popularity has still been retained worldwide. In addition to the talent and the moves and the singing voice, a good Michael Jackson person has the look and voice down pat. It’s a unique look not easily mimicked. In fact, Sergio Cortes bears a striking resemblance to MJ himself, passersby would be very confused, his countenance is beyond stunning. Feel free to check out the Facebook page to solidfy that notion.

Sergio Cortes does not lipsync during his concerts and he has a well-seasoned singing voice singing the tunes, whether it be with his backing band or a capoella, as well as hitting Mr. Jackson’s mannerisms and high pitched “woo-hoo” notes. His sets are long and exquisite, he doesn’t miss a beat and the crowd thoroughly enjoys every performance, being much reminiscent of their childhood and idyllic hero Michael Jackson. What is crucial is never taking the audience out of the immersive MJ experience.

Moreover, MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes has been on national TV, via a performance live on a Mexican show called Laura. He has the foresight and appreciation of the real MJ to invite member of his crowd to the stage for a fulfilling concert unlike other impersonators, who do street performances and don’t really have the experience possessed by the clear veteran Sergio Cortes.

By now it’s no Secret Sergio Cortes is one of the best MJ impersonators available, and travels internationally for festivals, private performances and TV gigs. Maybe MJ is pleased with Sergio Cortes holding the legacy of the superstar, who upon viewing Cortes’ performance, should be realized as the most profound entertainment talent of the 20th and 21st century.