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US Money Reserve Launches New Website

U.S. Money Reserve has recently launched a new design for its website. The new website will now have a more user friendly template for visitors to enjoy. With the new website template, U.S. Money Reserve will now have a much improved presence on the internet. With the new site known as, the organization will now have a source that people can look at who are interested in learning more about precious metals, economics and finance topics about investment options. As well as offering more information on precious metals, U.S. Money Reserve will now look to use its site to more effectively promote its core values of trust, and commitment to providing the very best customer service available. The new site features photos of various precious metals such as gold coins as well as images of the President of US Money Reserve Philip N Diehl.

One of the individuals who played a significant role in developing the new website for the organization is Ryan Buchanan. He is the Vice President of Brand and Creative who looked to make the site more responsive and informative to visitors. With this new design, Buchanan believes that it will provide some of the best quality precious metals content available. One of the best things about this site is that it will offer improve interaction with investors who are looking to get more detailed information about a number of different kinds of precious metals. They will now be in position to get more comprehensive information about gold coins, gold bullion and silver currency units.

When visiting the new U.S. Money Reserve website, investors will get to see the new growing online shop. The new shop provides a list of competitive prices on numerous precious metal units. Visitors will have the opportunity to examine the cost of many different gold and silver bars, bullion and coins. Individuals who are looking to get coins will be sure to take advantage of ones that are certified. This allows investors to be sure that they are getting precious metals that are legitimate. As well as getting access to the selection of precious metals, investors can also access the gold information kit and the knowledge center. Both of these things provide them with valuable information about the various precious metals available. The new site by U.S. Money Reserve also provides Client Connect Advantage which allows investors to more easily interact with the site. They will be able to get one on one consultations which will give them any help they need when making a decision of purchasing precious metals from the site.

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Jared Haftel A Dedicated And Driven Individual

Jared Haftel is certainly a man that has shown that it is very possible to reach a person’s full potential as long as they have a lot of drive and dedication. Jared Haftel was able to get his MBA at the Stanford school of business and he is a graduate of Duke University. It is quite possible that from a very young age Jared may have decided that he wanted to have a career in banking. Because of his love of science, mathematics, and economics he decided to get a bachelors degrees in all three of those subjects. Studying subjects such as those were key for him to be able to begin his career as an investment banker for some of the most well known companies in the world.

Jared Haftel began to do his internship before he even graduated from the University in 2008 at Credit Suisse. He was able to gain a lot of knowledge from his internship there and soon after he began to start his career. Jared Haftel was able to get a very promising job working with Merrill Lynch as investment banking analyst. Apart from working with Merrill Lynch Jared also was able to work for Bank of America as an investment banking analyst. Jared also was able to work as an associate for Vector Capital and he was able to help in all three of these positions in the tracking and handling of commodities. As an investment manager Jared was in charge of tracking large investment opportunities in areas such as chemicals, mining, aerospace, defense industries, and metals. All of these investments were very important to these high profile companies, and that is why they intrusted such decisions to Jared.

Through Jared’s hard work and dedication he was able to land positions in industry leading companies. He was a very determined individual from a young age, and he knew that he wanted to be successful. With all of his success in his business endeavors Jared has still managed to keep a level head on his shoulders, and he has written many papers to others who are endeavoring to begin a career as an investment bankers, because he wants to help others to be able to find true success as well. Jared is really a great example of a person who through hard work and dedication has been able to achieve his lifeline life long goals.

Chris Brown is Stuck in the Philippines Over Cancelled Appearance

Apparently, Chris Brown’s troubles have followed him to the Philippines. The R&B artist went to the Philippines for a performance in Manilla on July 21 and when he was ready to leave, he was prevented from doing so. What is the problem? The Inglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ), a very influential Christian sect. How influential? Enough, obviously, to keep Chris in the Philippines until a satisfactory solution is met!

Citing a breach of contract from a cancelled appearance at a scheduled 2014 New Year’s Eve concert. Before being allowed to leave the country again, Team Brown must find a way to prove to the Phillipines government that the claim is not valid. Until those claims are proven to have no basis, Kenneth Griffin of the immigration bureau says that Chris Brown will not be leaving the country.

The original reason that was given to cancel the 2014 appearance was that Chris had lost his passport and couldn’t travel. In order to be in the air and out of the Philippines, however, Mr. Brown will need to aquire a government clearance. The clearance must spell out that his legal obligations to Iglesia ni Cristo have been met.

At this point in the game, there are no criminal charges that have been filed. The Justice department has ordered the prosecutors to look over the complaint to see if it has any legitimacy. Until they have done so, it looks like Chris Brown will be lying low in the Philippines for an unknown amount of time.

Greece Is In The Midst Of An Economic Nightmare

Imagine that you work your entire life, and you put away a substantial amount in savings, only to have no access to it when you need it. Greece’s Economic Nightmare. Also, imagine that you work your entire life, and when you start getting a pension, very soon after, the pension is no longer accessible, and you’re left broke. This seems like a nightmare, or maybe even something that happened in the past when we had our economic downfall, but this is something going on currently in Greece.

According to Brian Bonar, Greece is having an economic crisis, and many are not able to get money from their bank accounts, and many can’t even get their pensions that they worked their entire lives for. Greece is limiting anyone taking money out of the ATM to $66 dollars a day, and this obviously is not enough for most people to live on. Some people have been seen standing outside of banks that have closed their doors, just so they can receive their pension that they get at the same time each month.

The European bank denied Greece the emergency funding that they need, so now Greece’s economic future is left in limbo. Many people are suffering from what the country leaders have done, and many are complaining that they have lost the money that they worked for their entire lives. The money is still in the system, but no physical money can be distributed to those who need it, even if they have proof that they are entitled to it.

The $10 Bill Will Soon Have A Female Face On It

Anyone who is about female empowerment, they must have wondered to themselves why there are no female historical figures on any of the foldable money that we spend today. All the money that is foldable, it has men on it, and not one female. The New $10 Bill. Things are changing now, and the $10 bill is going to get a remake. There are plans to remake the $10 bill, and to put a female face on the cover of the bill. It’s not known yet which female will be on the cover of the $10 bill, but many people are voting on different figures.

Folks at Boraie Development know that some people have requested that Rosa Parks should be on the bill while others have stated that Harriet Tubman deserves a place on the bill. There are so many historical female figures in the past that there’s no telling which one will be used on the face of the $10 bill. Some may even feel that it’s an insult to take such a low denomination, and put a female on the cover, but think about it in another way. In the hip-hop community, a dime is known as a perfect 10, so putting a female on a $10 bill may be another way of saying that she’s a perfect 10!

The $10 bills are scheduled to be remade in the near future, but many are anxiously awaiting to hear who will grace the cover of the next set of $10 currencies that will be released.

Bernie Sanders Would Tax The Income Of The Wealthiest Americans At 90 Percent

Bernie Sanders has gained a lot of press lately in his bid for president. Recently, he has gone on record saying that he would support a 90% tax rate for the wealthiest of Americans. While this might be a good idea, and it might fix some of the problems that American has, including a large lack of funding and a huge gap between the rich and the poor, it is highly unlikely that such a tax rate would ever pass. It is also unlikely that this statement of admission will gain him many supporters in his bid to be elected president of the United States.

During an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood, Sanders said sarcastically “When radical, socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, I think the highest marginal tax rate was something like 90 percent.” When asked if that was too high, he said no.

Sanders may not have been entirely serious about supporting such a high tax rate, even if he thinks it is a good idea, but it is a good indicator of where he stands when it comes to income equality in the United States economy. People at The Aspire New Brunswick ( have learned that he went on to explain that he thinks it is immoral for the top 1/10th of Americans to own more than the other 90 % combined. Sanders has described himself as a socialist, and he hopes to appeal to the average American who struggles to make ends meet.

Wealth Windfalls: What To Do When One Receives A Lot of Cash

Major liquidity events are wonderful problems to have to deal with if you are on the receiving end of the liquidity. Many dream of winning the winning lottery ticket but very few think past the image of themselves with the winning check in hand what they should do next. Next meaning after the party, the new car and the big house and trip. While treating one’s self to the goodies in life is a right, their are prudent steps that one should take regardless of the amount of the windfall. First the individual should determine what will be their tax responsibilities as a result of the windfall. The amount of cash and how one receives it will have various tax consequences. A $1 Million dollar bonus may only be $550,000.00 based on the tax bracket one currently is in and how they receive the funds.
An individual should also Use part or some of the funds to pay them selves first. A rainy day fund to be used when one decides how to properly use the assets. Next critical debts with high interest rates should be paid off possible and a contribution to accounts and funds dedicated to long term medical care and retirement should be made. What to Do With A Cash Windfall

Before one busts the current household budget, they should set a budget for their daily household expenses and pay off or set aside all of those expenses for one year to guard against a “I blew it all partying event.” At least some good would have come from the windfall. The Real Deal and one of their cohorts, Jason Halpern believe that real-estate investment is a good option as well.Charitable contributions should be made at the discretion of the individual and smart financial planning should always be engaged.

Trading Hybrids for SUVs – A Surprising Consumer Trend

For a brief time, it seemed electric an hybrid cars were going to be the wave of the future. Such a future may come to pass. Right now, this does not seem to be the case at all. A huge number of hybrid vehicles are, ironically, being traded in for SUVs. Yes, cars that are touted for their fuel efficiency are being “upgraded” to vehicles known for their very high fuel consumption. How could such an outcome occur?

A drastic lowered of gasoline prices in recent months definitely factors into the outcome.

Gasoline prices have dropped off quite a bit since Saudi Arabia greatly increased supply. Hydraulic fracturing in the United States also boosted supplies and dropped price demands. So, it is no longer as expensive as it once was to drive a SUV. While a great many people did purchase hybrid cars as a means of helping out the environment, a significant volume opted to buy these cars solely because they could save money on gas. Now that fuel is cheaper, all of those hybrid trade-ins are going towards the down payment on a gas guzzler.

Purchasing and consumer trends are never stagnant. Adam Sender is aware of this. Things changed based on market factors. In time, the odds are great that fuel prices will chart upwards once again. The minute this happens, sales on hybrid cars are going to increase. Such is the nature of the ebb and flow of the market.

Bank of America Disappoints

Bank of America reported earnings today that disappointed investors despite swinging back to a profit from a loss in the prior year quarter. Investor Dan Newlin was expecting a higher return from earnings and the stock price has decreased slightly as a result.

Earnings were disappointing particularly as competitors JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo both beat analyst expectations. Large banks meet numerous challenges in the current economic climate as lending rates are kept low through fed action which limits the amount that lenders can charge for mortgages. Increased regulations are leading to banks increasing head count to meet the regulatory hurdles when the banking business needs are decreasing. As such, banks are trying to trim expenses by reducing the counts in non-regulatory related sections of their business while adhering to increased regulatory costs and capital reserve requirements.

The loss in the prior year quarter was caused mostly by $6 billion of legal expenses that were in connection with some large settlements of mortgage loan suits led by the Federal Government, mostly connected to the Company’s acquisition of Countrywide during the financial crisis.

Bank of America, which is the nation’s second largest bank by assets, reported earnings of $0.27 per share in the current year quarter compared to a loss of $0.05 per share in the prior year quarter. This profit beat expectations by $0.01 per share but the company fell short on revenue which fell by almost 7% compared to a pickup by JP Morgan of 5%.

GOP Wants to Continue Giving to the Very Fortunate

The heirs and heiresses of America will receive a 269 billion dollar tax break if the Republicans prevail on their upcoming inheritance tax legislation. Folks at STX Entertainment ( have learned that the very richest families will likely get another big break if this proposal to repeal the inheritance tax is successful.

Economists blame much of the widening economic inequality on the unearned wealth that is passed down to next generations due to money that is inherited. Even money earned on inheritance investments will be exempt from taxes because part of the bill includes elimination of the capital gains tax on inherited property.

Wealthy people have benefited from concessions made by Democrats in the recent past to keep critical child health care funding in place and to prevent a fall off of the 2013 fiscal cliff.

Protecting the very richest families from taxes on income that is not earned is not fair to the American people.

What in the world is the GOP thinking when it acts to protect people who are nearly 16 thousand percent richer than the average American?

To be sure, this legislation is not proposed with most of us in mind.