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The Values and History of Cotemar Mexico

Located in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico, COTEMAR, S.A. de C.V was formed back in 1979 with the primary aim of providing services to the energy sector., Since its formation, the company has undergone tremendous changes and growth, placing it among the top businesses in the energy sector in the North American region.

Cotemar offers its services in three main categories: The Cotemar construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering services ensure that the offshore rigs as well as the processing centers are well constructed and maintained to support smooth operations. This process is made possible by the use of dynamically semi-submersible rigs positioned accurately to allow fast and timely movement from one oil field to the next.

Cotemar Specialized Vessel Services allows easy transport of personnel, equipment, lightweight material and other commodities that might be of use to the crew. The company under the specialized vessels also offers firefighting services through their firefighting vessels. For navigating narrow waters, Cotemar offers the services of barge boats. In the case of hauling large structures, the company provides these services through its towing vessels.

Cotemar Catering and accommodation offers hospitality services to rigs operated by the company. These services include; laundry, cooking, general cleaning and boarding services.

Cotemar has gone through many changes throughout its history. During the year it was formed, the organization was able to acquire its very fast maintenance and transportation vessel. Two years later, it added to its fleet, a specialized vessel that would be used to transport both materials and personnel. A few years later, it went ahead and acquired its fast rig where it was tasked with services such as food and accommodation.

Ever since its formation, Cotemar has witnessed a growth in strength, and as a result, it has managed to acquire more rigs and expand its market share. Among its recent achievements is the awarding of a contract of the Cuichapa Poniente area that was assigned to Servicios a la Industria Petrolera Lifting de Mexico, which is a subsidiary of Cotemar.

There are many benefits of working with Cotemar Mexico. You will be given an opportunity of doing what you love. If working as an engineer on an offshore oil rig is your dream, then working in Cotemar Mexico is highly recommended.

Their value on employees is something to be admired. When you work in Cotemar Mexico, you get a chance of meeting experts in your field of work. Working with these experts will expose you to new working environments and increase your skills and knowledge.

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