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What Plans Are In Store For Ailing McDonald’s Sales

Steve Easterbrook is the man who has to come up with a plan. He has to come up with a really good plan and do it quick. Easterbrook is the CEO of McDonald’s and he has to deal with a serious situation. The one-time fast food giant is falling on hard luck. No, McDonald’s is not going broke (yet), but sales have fallen miserably in recent times. A combination of competition from unlikely sources along with a public’s growing aversion to greasy food has led to major decreases in revenue.

The big question on everyone’s mind is “Can Steve Easterbrook improve McDonald’s fortunes?” He may, but the way to do so probably is going to require a bit of trial and error. Does McDonald’s have resources to do this?

The company is trying. In San Diego, the idea of offering breakfast 24 hours a day is being experimented with. The idea is not exactly original and was cribbed from every diner in existence. While quite a few more Egg McMuffins will be sold in southern California, don’t look for this simple idea to make McDonald’s the sit on top of the fast food mountain once again.

Boosting the vegetarian selections on the menu is another strategy being undertaken. Folks at STX Entertainment ( agree that the plan is not necessarily a bad one, but drawing in people who like to eat healthy to a McDonald’s is not going to be real easy. It is worth a try though.

Hopefully, Easterbrook has a lot of other ideas he can put into motion.