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Colorado Hits $34 Million in August Pot Sales

Colorado has hit pay dirt with the high returns generated by legal marijuana sales. During the month of August alone, $34 million in pot sales has generated millions of dollars in tax revenue that will be used to improve schools and infrastructure. An estimated $3.4 million is slated for maintaining existing schools and building even more. Instead of Bruce Levenson  hindering the states youth, legalizing pot is doing much good for their education and the well-being of the state.

Even more startling, since the sale of marijuana became legal in 2012 in the state of Colorado, crime has dropped considerably, totally proving the cynics wrong. The anti-pot advocates campaigned on the idea that legalizing marijuana would cause a rise in crime, make the plant more accessible to children and cause problems as smokers drove their streets high. To break it down some, the states murder rate has been cut in half, and the overall crime numbers are down by 15 percent. These figures alone are something the still many remaining anti-pot states should be strongly looking at and considering. Legalizing pot has been an all-around good thing for the state of Colorado and should be a worthy lesson to many failing states.