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Debt Collection Case Settled and Woman Wins Millions

Many people have experienced the wrath of debt collectors. They are relentless in their pursuit to collect funds that are owed for whatever reason. One Kansas City woman recently went head-to-head with the largest debt collection firm in the United States and won, something that rarely ever happens.

For years Maria Guadalupe Mejia has been harassed by a debt collection company known for their ruthlessness and harassment tactics to pay an overdue credit card bill. The problem however was that Maria Guadalupe Mejia never had that credit card. In fact, the person who held that debt was a man with a similar sounding name. Despite the difference, and it being the wrong person, Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC still hounded her constantly about it. Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC filed a lawsuit against the woman for the $1,000 in outstanding fees. The lawsuit left Maria terrified, as she was recently unemployed and her family was struggling to stay afloat.

Maria contacted an attorney who helped her go against the ruthless debt collection agency. Keith Mann ( has heard that, in the end, a jury sided with Maria and awarded her $83 million in damages from Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC. It was found that the company had violated Fair Debt and Collection Practices Act, which they were given a fine for as well.

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