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Rona Borre is a Remarkable Person Who Shows People How to Achieve

There is certainly truth in the fact that Rona Borre is a person who can accomplish things. In 2001 she started a company called Instant Alliance in a spare bedroom of her condo, and today it is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the world.

Instant Alliance works primarily with Fortune 500 companies with several mid-sized and smaller companies thrown in. The favored type of hire they like to find and work with are financial and technological professionals because these are the people who are needed when companies are expanding to the next level.

If there is a secret to the success of Instant Access, it is Rona’s insistence that firm relationships be formed during the process. Rona wants to know all about the client company, the leadership, and the corporate culture that the candidate must adapt to. Once these questions are addressed, then the action can begin in searching for that exact special person. This strategy works so well that Borre has the interview to hire ratio down to a 3:1 ratio.  Learn more about Borre,  watch clips

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This technique also explains why Borre’s hires have a 1% attrition percentage which is unheard of in the staffing industry. No wonder clients love Rona Borre and Instant Alliance.  Check