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Michael Zomber: A Massive Passion For History


One thing to say about Michael Zomber is that he is very passionate about history and culture. One of his favorite cultures to deal with is Japanese culture. He is a collector of ancient relics of different cultures. Among the relics that he likes to collect are weapons. He also writes about history and many different aspects of the cultures that he is interested in. His passion has driven to high levels of success and recognition. For one thing, the History channel has requested his help in talking about different aspects of the history of certain cultures. This added to his recognition.


Among the items that Michael Zomber has found that has gained his curiosity is a Bowie Knife. The knife has an inscription engraved in it that states that it was the knife that the assassin used in an attempt to assassinate John Brown. One of the reasons that John Brown was targeted for assassination was that he believed that the only way to eliminate slavery is to wage a war. Armed combat was the way of setting slaves free. He has also been very active in his fight against slavery in the United States. However, he has eventually been hanged for his actions.


Michael Zomber is someone who is known for his historical works of fiction. Among the stories he has written are stories that center around the civil war. Michael is someone who has an extensive knowledge about history. He is also someone who has a lot of creativity that he uses to bring certain historical periods to life. One thing that Zomber has said about the knife is that it has inspired more creativity from him. Therefore, he is always ready to write some more stories that can talk about different time periods. He is one of the few people that can actually bring history to life.  Check out Michael’s current list of projects on IMDb: