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Laidlaw & Company Found Me More Than Investors

Laidlaw & Company is the best place for people like me to find investors, but I had no idea that I would also find a partner in my business. You might be in need of people to help you along with your business, and that means that you need to start a search for investors who might become friends. James Ahern and Matthew Eitner talked with me about finding people to invest with because they do that all the time. They have helped other businesses find investors, and they have shown me that I can make friends along the way.

The first investor I had became my partner not long after we started because he had the money and passion for the business. This guy came to me through Laidlaw & Company because he wanted to invest in a company that he would believe in, but he decided that he should be my partner because he thought the company was such a good idea. That is something that I think is important because I wanted to do something that I was passionate about. The two of us are a much better team than just me by myself, and we were put together by Laidlaw & Company.

The best thing that could have happened to my business was the people at Laidlaw & Company. They have made the best investment decisions for our business over the years, and they found me a partner that will help my business grow a lot more. I never thought that I would find a partner in the business, but now I am able to split my work with someone who bought into the business, understands what I am doing and wants us to get better. He was once an investor at Laidlaw & Company, and they helped us come together.