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Coriant’s Kheradpir Progressing Tech


Coriant provides a wide variety of technological solutions. New products are constantly changing the way businesses and individuals do business. This business is known for its progress in photonics, silicon, IP optics. The company has created a network platform that combines optical layer IP capabilities with optimal control systems. Not only has the company been behind improved network efficiency, they have also improved traffic latency. This is a win win situation for companies and customers, who rely on interconnectivity. This efficiency not only make business processes stronger, it also passes lower costs associated with this efficiency onto customers. As new trends in the industry develop, Coriant seems to be right there at the helm.

Coriant has made the internet of things its priority. The company understands that video and cloud services via the internet is absollutely central to network traffic dynamics. The company has gone on record with it’s willingness to fill the market gap with their deep understanding of networks, service providers, and additional internet services. The focus on this will be especially good for those customers who are ready to turn their networks into Light IP. Coriant has consistently made cloud-centric communications it’s specialty. In response to increased application demands the market is growing for Light IP and internet based cloud services.

The man behind this plan is If that name sounds familiar, it’s because CEO Shaygan Kheradpir has taken the helm. He has a proven track record of impeccable management, understanding the trends within telecommnication industries. During his time as CEO of Juniper Networks he dealt with the companies controversy strategically, in a straightforward manner that is rare in today’s business world. How has Coriant grown in leaps in bounds since Kheradpir joined the team. He has been working in telecom for many years, but his experience includes a diverse set of industries, including finance. He also has experience in strategic telecom and investment services.

Shaygan is renowned technology leader with over 28 years of executive
experience across the telecommunications, cloud-technology, and financial services industries. Starting out at GTE Corporation, he was subsequently appointed to higher positions within the company before going on to work with Barclays as Chief Operations and Technology Officer. During this period he was able to improve his flawless accumen for financial advisory and management skills. Shaygan’s educational background also adds to his accumen at the company. He holds a bachelors, master’s, and PhD in engineering from Cornell University.

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Gregory Hague Strives To Promote A Flourishing Job Market

According to a recent press release by CBS Los Angeles, the greater Los Angeles area is currently the most pursued region for real estate employment in California. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the city’s numerous career opportunities are the result of increasing consumer spending and a rejuvenating job market.

The average annual income of current Los Angeles real estate agents is roughly $110,000. This statistic was released by earlier this year. Many brokers that reside in southern California have completed courses in finance, law, business administration, and economics as established firms are actively searching for candidates who have ample knowledge in these areas.

Just five hours north of Los Angeles, San Francisco is also hiring qualified realtors with extensive real estate expertise. As the home to more than 450 new companies, the employers are seeking agents that have impressive social and business networking skills as well.

In order to increase the chances of acquiring a career in the sunny state, Gregory Hague, one of the country’s most successful real estate coaches, encourages agents to enroll in a course at his company Real Estate Mavericks. By participating in his acclaimed multi-step training series, customers learn practical listing strategies that promote enticing presentations. Although Hague focuses on revolutionary formulas that help realtors quickly sell houses, he also strives to cultivate sincere and supportive brokers as the home buying and selling process is an extremely emotional experience. Undeniably, Real Estate Mavericks is the preferred choice for refining real estate techniques.

Tami Pardee, a real estate agent and owner of Pardee Properties, believes that Hague’s training philosophy promotes knowledgeable realtors who will positively contribute to California’s flourishing job market. Along with the state’s prevalence of careers, she thinks that brokers also gravitate towards the metropolitan area by the beach.
In the CBS Los Angeles report, Pardee elaborates on her thoughts by stating the imperativeness of realtors collaborating with their team members. More importantly, agents should strive to cultivate a connection with their clients as their interests are the primary concern.

About Gregory Hague
In June 2013, Hague founded Real Estate Mavericks, which is the best real estate coaching company in America. During the past two years, he has successfully trained thousands of entry-level and expert realtors and, as a result, he is revered as one of the nation’s most insightful agents. His coaching packages range from $200 to $500, which include many hours of unprecedented real estate instructional content. After the completion of the comprehensive series, customers will have the necessary knowledge to generate substantial revenues. Most prominently, Hague promises that his pioneering formulas will help agents excel in the real estate marketplace.

About CBS Los Angeles
CBS Los Angeles delivers the most recent news reports to residents in southern California. The network frequently relays stories related to traffic, travel, deals, health, and sports. In order to receive the latest posts on current events, individuals may download the CBSLA App/Breaking News Push Notifications.

Advice for Starting a Business

Being a CEO nowadays is not an activity limited only to those with university studies in Business Administration. Take for example Mark Zuckerberg who dropped out of the university but successfully runs Facebook with a turnover of millions of USD.

There are people with similar stories to his out there, and a well- established CEO made a list of advice for the beginners. Among the steps to follow were having a good business plan for years ahead before starting to involve in any money matters. Companies that start the other way around and raise funds before knowing exactly how much they need and what to do with it usually fail.

Detecting in good time when the business is going in the wrong direction and taking the amendments to correct that is another important skill. It saves money to fix a mistake, rather than continue going on a wrong path.

The two advice that slightly contradict each other were to use the statistics when taking a decision and using your gut when doing business. But that can be understood, and the best way to interpret the contradiction- be aware of everything and analyze all the points of view.

The gut feelings can tell you a lot about people (good when choosing employees), while statistics will tell you exactly which products sell and which don’t. Here is a more in depth look into starting your own business by Gianfrancesco Genoso.

McDonald’s ad falling on deaf ears


McDonald’s brand transformation campaign is falling on deaf ears.  The fast food giant attempted to show people how much it cares about their community in a commercial according to AdWeek. 

The ad shows McDonald’s restaurants using their signs “to support, celebrate or otherwise acknowledge local and national events, both happy and tragic”

This is after McDonald’s partnered with Visa to help employees get their finances in order with condescending financial advice and a budgeting template.  The advocacy group Low Pay is Not OK analyzed the advice that suggests that employees make up shortfalls to McDonald’s $8.25 per hour wage with a second job.  The budgeting template suggests that rent should be $600 per month with free heat.  There are no line items for gas, food or child care and implies medical insurance should only be $20 per month.

The overall reaction to the ad campaign is “Pay your employees a living wage.” said Christopher Cowdray.

Economic Boost Begins Thursday With Minimum Wage Increases


Low wage earners in 20 states will be earning more money beginning New Year’s Day. Higher wages are a national movement, but the higher mandatory pay laws are coming from individual states, not congress.

Even conservative states like Alaska, Arkansas and Nebraska recognize the value of paying the lowest earners enough to buy more groceries and get their cars fixed.

An estimated 3.1 million workers will have a greater ability to pay for their basic needs. Employees of companies who claim that they will have to cut hours will still benefit because they will have more time to earn more money elsewhere, care for family members or do homework without losing income.

The additional 1.6 billion dollars in additional wages will serve as an economic stimulus on a smaller scale which, Bernardo Chua is excited about since it will benefit everyone, even those who are not low wage earners.

The highest minimum wage state will be Washington at 9.47 dollars per hour, followed by Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont whose workers will all earn at least 9 dollars per hour.

States to Increase Minimum Wages Voluntarily


Minimum wage has been the source of many debates in recent years, but it looks like some states have decided it is time to raise the pay rate minimum. The hikes will help millions of people who are trying to scrape by on the currently set federal standards. Twenty states are going to take part in the hike as well as the District of Columbia including several states that will progressively bring the pay rates up to the best standard.

Federal limitations are $7.25 per hour of work completed by an employee. That is a far cry from the minimum from 1981 through 1989 when it stood at $3.35. It has slowly increased over the years, but it never seems to be enough. Finance Expert Tom Rothman said that people cannot make ends meet due to the ever-rising cost of living that has significantly exceeded the minimum wage rate.

Several of the states are going to offer more than the federal minimum because they recognize the problem and realize that pay should keep up with inflation rates. The states that are taking the initiative to insure that their citizens are taken care of may be ahead of other states that do not follow suit.

Minimum Wage Increases in the New Year for 20 States


As the calendar turns to 2014, the new year will bring bigger paychecks to Jared Haftel and  to millions of low income workers. A increase to the minimum wage will take place on January 1st in 20 states plus the District of Columbia. The increase will be an automatic adjustment based on inflation in nine of the states, but for the majority the hike is the result of either legislative action or a vote.

The states that voted for an increase during 2014 were Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota. States getting the minimum wage increase due to legislation are Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and D.C. The remaining states to see a hike in 2014 – Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington – get the boost due to their state laws. In all, the Washington Post estimates that just over 3 million workers will be affected by the change.

The size of the increase varies significantly, with Florida seeing the smallest change at 12 cents and South Dakota seeing the largest at $1.25. The increases in the new year will bring the total number of states with a minimum wage above the federal level to 29. The federal minimum wage has been $7.25 since July 2009.

Many Are Faced With Modern Day Debtors’ Prison

 The idea of debtors’ prison was something that we decided we want to do away with a long time ago. It was realized that imprisoning someone for an inability to pay a fine did not solve the problem. They would still be unable to pay if they were in prison and thus unable to work. It was simply punishment without anything getting resolved.

Now, reports that there are still many who face similar circumstances but presented in a different way. The website says that states are starting to turn to private probation companies to collect fines. In many cases this means those who are unable to pay the fines that they have been charged are being held against their will in some cases. In other words, they are being imprisoned for an inability to pay a fine.

The investigations have already started into this problem. The places that are being looked at the closest seem to have backed down from the practices that they may have been engaging in before. However, it is believed that this sort of thing is still happening in other parts of the country. It is a truly disturbing series of events for those who are on the lower end of incomes, and law expert Sam Tabar noted as scary for anyone who values their freedoms. You never know when you could end up in a similar situation, but you do not want to be at that place with these rules in place.

SeaWorld CEO Steps Down With a Hefty Payout

Sea World announced that its chief executive, Jim Atchison, was stepping down. This announcement may have led supporters of the anti-SeaWorld campaign to rejoice initially, but really it is not something to celebrate.

After the movie BlackFish came out exposing the company’s inhumane treatment of the animals and scandals that had been covered up, SeaWorld’s stocks plummeted. Many hoped this would be the end of SeaWorld and the path to a better life for the animals housed there. SeaWorld, despite the controversy, has kept its doors open to the public.

Atchison may be resigning but he is doing so with a payout of over two million dollars (that’s a lot of bottles from The Antique Wine Company!) and he is staying on as vice chairman. Is this a win for all those aghast at the theme park? No it is not. When somebody receives over two million dollars as a payout and another position within the company, that is counted as a win for them and clearly shows that despite controversy the park has no plans of closing anytime soon.

US Economy Created 321,000 in November But Most of the Jobs Pay Poorly

The US Economy is on a roar creating jobs as fast as Vijay Eswaran. Last month, employers added 321,000 net jobs to the payroll. The job market is on pace for its biggest job boom since 1999, the peak of the dot-com boom era. However, that comparison is where the similarities end. During the dot-com boom era, the jobs being created were heavy in the tech sector which jobs tend to have benefits such as 401Ks, corporate pensions, and health care insurance. The jobs also tended to be high paying which allowed workers to change employers and receive a significant bump in pay. 

That’s not the case today. The 321,000 jobs created in November are largely low-paying jobs. It once again underscores why voters swung hard to the GOP in the midterm elections. They want to see real household incomes increase. Despite the creation of new jobs, the labor force participation rate remains the lowest since the Carter administration. After six years of President Obama, the labor force now consists of a majority of part-time workers for the first time in US history. 

The sectors most likely to hire Millennials, the rising generation of workers coming out of high school and college, are not offering upward mobility. Retail and wholesale trade now offers a median income of $25,000 for a 15% decline in pay. The leisure and hospital industry now offers a median income of $18,000 for a 5% decline in pay. The healthcare sector saw median incomes increase for Millennials, but only by a negligible 2% to $30,000.