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Why Choose the Professionalism of the US Money Reserve

Investing your money on into any type of stock, bond or fund can be confusing and risky. If you are tired of always dealing with bum stocks that cause you to lose money with time, it might be time for you to think about working with the US Money Reserve to find something better worth your time and money. The US Money Reserve is one of the country’s oldest precious metal and gold coin distributor in the world and this is why so many people have been using this company for their own benefit.

One of the key features of the US Money Reserve is that they enable you to buy gold and silver coins to invest into. Investing in both gold and silver is a lot more worthwhile than putting your money into any type of stock or bond. Stocks on can be risky, but the price of both gold and silver are continually going up day after day. This is why a lot of investors are now advising people to put their money into precious metals and to make sure that any and all of their investing is done through the US Money Reserve.

You can also follow US Money Reserve on Twitter, like them on Facebook and follow them on LinkedIn to keep in touch of what they have available to their customers. Before you make any investments, you can educate yourself about the company and see what they have available to you. You can then feel confident in knowing that they work diligently to get you the best possibly quality of precious metal that you can find out on the market. This is what sets the US Money Reserve apart from so many of the others out there.

For anyone looking to make wiser investment decisions, you might want to think about choosing the US Money Reserve to buy your gold and silver. Whether you want to buy a small amount of gold or silver, the US Money Reserve experts can work with you to get you the best possible metals available. You can also consult with a professional adviser if this is something that you are new at doing and just need a bit of help with before doing anything yourself. Be sure to look into the different types of options available to you and make sure that you choose the US Money Reserve when buying any and all of your metals for investing.


The advanced services by the U.S. Money Reserve

U.S Money Reserve, is among the world’s largest distributers of gold, silver and platinum coins in the U.S. government. Currently, the organization greatly places its focus on offering great and outstanding U.S. Government Issued Gold, Silver and Platinum coins.
The U.S. Money Reserve was founded by the gold market veterans. These necessitated the need to bring together good customer service skills, knowledge in the expert market and guidance in the purchase of these precious metals. So far, the organization has registered hundreds of thousands clients who come in to seek for their services and advise on financial advantages of owning the precious metals.
Due their quality and high yielding guidance, U.S. Money Reserve has attracted a vast line of clients who have placed their trust in them. This has led to the reserve placing many in the profit margins by helping them choose the highly profitable and wise purchases. This has been achieved by involving a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals.
U.S. Money Reserve has an added advantage of being into contact with highly experienced account executives who have many years of experience in the precious metals market. These assist immensely in selection of good purchases within the market.
The organization also provides access to the best Gold, Silver and Platinum coins to those who take a step further to create an account with them. These provide great profit margins. There is also a big advantage with placing purchases with the U.S. Money Reserve since the coins become tangible owned assets. One can easily gain access to them since he bares the full ownership.
Following dissatisfaction by a client with the order, U.S, Money Reserve also accepts a return within 30 days of the purchase. This however has some conditions that applies. The coins must be in their sealed container and also in their original condition. In the return process, handling, shipping and insurance charges are excluded. The return may either be refunded on the current coin market value or either the original price minus a certain percentage to cater for the restocking fee.
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Food Bank To Benefit From U.S. Money Reserve Crowd Funding Effort

Each year during the Holiday season the thoughts of many turn to helping those who are less fortunate. U.S. Money Reserve is a precious metals trader that is now seeking to assist those in need with a fundraising drive designed to provide added assistance for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, which has been serving a number of communities across Central Texas for almost 30 years.

Over the last few years the traders at U.S. Money Reserve have been looking to assist a range of charitable organizations in their quest to help people with various needs in the central Texas community. The company works for investors hoping to make a profit from trading in precious metals and employs more than 100 traders who hope to provide the best advice for the clients of U.S. Money Reserve. Despite the success U.S. Money Reserve has achieved over recent years the needs of the community have always been at the top of its list of priorities. Previous charitable drives have benefited the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas.

Digital Journal explains how U.S. Money Reserve has established a Crowdrise page allowing individuals the opportunity to donate to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The Crowdrise page explains how U.S. Money Reserve are asking employees, clients and friends to assist the food bank in providing meals for the needy over the Holiday season. The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas partners with more the 300 agencies across 21 counties within the central Texas region; the fundraising effort hopes to achieve similar results to the work of the food bank in previous years when they provided more than 31 million pounds of food for communities across central Texas.

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US Money Reserve Is Absolutely Fantastic

Locating a trusted vendor and distributor of gold and other precious metals is not exactly easy. One can go to a financial institution and safely purchase these metals, but the fees charged by an institution that does not specialize in gold and silver are usually pretty high and quite inconvenient for anybody interested in buying gold for collecting or investing purposes.

The United States Mint have printed every coin that is in use by US Money Reserve, further solidifying US Money Reserve as a company that is based entirely in the United States. Citizens of the United States feel favorably about companies that operate domestically because the money that they spend is going to come back to them in one form or another.

All of the precious metals on the website are of the highest quality, whether it comes to the purity of the gold bullion or the inscriptions and imprints on a coin. All of the coins are graded at either a 69 or a 70 on a scale that runs from 1 to 70, both of which being the industry standards for the quality of gold purchased by investors in the precious metal market in the United States.

The order placing process on US Money Reserve has been designed around the safety and security of the customers of the company, so it is always going to take at least a week on average to place an order for gold bullion or coins. This is faster than what it usually takes to get these precious metals from other distributors because it is not exactly easy to arrange transactions that require highly touted financial institutions, armored delivery trucks, and other things that cost money and take time.

Customer service is the name of the game for US Money Reserve. Many of the clients of US Money Reserve’s are repeat customers and spend lots of money per transaction so it makes nothing but sense for US Money Reserve to place such an emphasis on satisfying the customer no matter what.

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Brazil Offers More Than Coffee Beans For Investment

We have all heard about the Brazilian beach climate, but what have we heard lately about the Brazilian Investment Climate?

In the last couple of years, Brazil has become more attractive to global investors. The Brazilian economic system has grown stronger partially due to very low unemployment and the influx of foreign investment has risen. Their chief products still reside in agriculture, gas and oil, and mining continue to populate the country’s leading industries. In Brazil, as in many countries, there is the ongoing need for general education, and health care providers and services. All of this makes Brazil very attractive to many large business leaders in the world, thus expanding areas of investment and additional growth possibilities.

The growth of an agricultural and mining country like Brazil invites industry, new resources and expands the already developed areas and affords the country further growth in investment areas. The country is extremely rich in minerals and has tremendous growth possibilities. The Amazon rainforest is virtually unexplored with tremendous resources, mostly unknown at this time.

The steel industry in Brazil is ranked in the top dozen steel providers, with the rise of other metals, minerals and stones being mined at an increasing rate.

With the economy under control, opposed to so many other nations worldwide, Brazil appears to offer a more stable formula for investment with less fluctuation and leaning toward stability and upward growth patterns.

Their import and export business is steadily growing over the last six years. Let’s not forget the Brazilian Coffee Bean has always been a huge export item along with crude oil, soybean and sugar cane. Products we will continue to consume at a steady rate. The main product that comes out of Brazil is the iron ore and iron ore concentrates.

Zeca Oliveira, a fund manager, sees the business potential of Brazil and the reason it has become such an attractive business investment.

Zeca Oliveira, reports that there are 50 Brazilian stocks that trade in the United States in the form of ADRs (American Depository Receipt) from banking to real estate, utilities and general staples. Brazil also has a very sophisticated security exchange system called BM&F with several hundred firms listed on the exchange. Oliveira purports the stability of Brazil opens areas for investment that have never been tapped. He feels that investing now in Brazilian market would be excellent timing and may not always be available.