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Chris Burch Moves In To The Hospitality Sector

Chris Burch is known as a fashion mogul. Hence people were surprised when he moved towards hospitality and built a five-star resort. He built it in Indonesia on a remote island. But all were overwhelmed when they saw it as it is one of the best properties in the world today.

Chris Burch has an eye for fashion. He is the founder of the cofounder of several retail brands that have an international presence. These include C. Wonder, Tory Burch, and several others. In addition, he has invested in a number of brands that are well known worldwide.

Now Chris Burch is moving his entrepreneurial skills to the hospitality sector. Chris Burch had collaborated with James McBride, an hotelier, to buy a beach hostel. This was in 2012. It was located on Sumba, an island in Indonesia. These two spent $30 million in order to renovate this hostel. This took them three years. Now they reopened it in 2015 as a five-star resort. It is called Nihiwatu.  More of this on

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In 2016, Nihiwatu got voted as being the best hotel in the world. This was by Travel + Leisure.

Chris Burch has stated that he had bought it for his children. He wanted to keep it as something that can be preserved. This is because he wanted to give it back to the community. Basically, he found the place very beautiful. He felt that there was a lot that he could do here that would not have been possible in any other place. Hence there could have been a spa that can be built under a waterfall, or even have a butler for each room.

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Chris Burch is very happy with Nihiwatu as it has provided him with much more than he ever expected. In fact, now he splits his time between this resort in Indonesia, Miami, and the Hamptons. There are 27 private villas in Nihiwatu. It also has his private home, called the Raja Mendaka. This section has the main house with four additional villas. Each of these villas will have its own plunge pool.

Christopher Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. Currently, he holds the position of CEO there. He has a vision for looking at new market opportunities and applying his imagination to them. His creativity has led to several disruptive brands that are able to have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of consumers. He has a long history of over 40 years as an investor as well as an entrepreneur.  Follow this link.

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Innovation and BRL Trust Company

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