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The Efforts of George Soros in Raising the Dignity of Humanity Up

George Soros, a billionaire and hedge fund manager, is known for his philanthropic efforts that raise the dignity of humanity up. It is no wonder to say, as his works are well-thought, aiming a beautiful world of equality, and free thinking encouraged that gives comprehensive solutions. Across the world, he is a fighting figure against injustice and inequality, and this was visible many times in the past. Soros is an open critic of President Donald Trump and his policies, and he made some massive contributions to defeat Trump in 2016 Presidential Election. Soros was deeply concerned by the divisive speeches of Trump and his chaotic policies on various issues.

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It is reported by Politico that Soros contributed more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates’ election funding. He also helped to improve the voter turnout through increased participation, and a $5 million went to Immigrant Voters Win, a super PAC that is working to improve the turnout from low-propensity Hispanic voters in the crucial states. Soros also contributed another $5 million to Voting Rights Trust, a group working to defend the efforts of conservatives to implement restrictive voting. He also made a contribution of $2 million America Votes, a voter mobilization group that works for increased voters’ participation. Learn more on about George Soros.

Apart from political contributions, Soros is also known for contributing various social issues. He was the primary financial source for the Ferguson protests that became a strong movement against racial discrimination at the end of 2014. He encouraged the movements through regular funding and active mobilization of groups for years, to bring widespread change in the attitude of the administration and the officials. The Washington Times reported that George Soros contributed more than $33 million within a year to create the movement from the grass root level. It was reported that most of these contributions were channeled through his Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations have made considerable efforts bring the protest to the national level. It even converted a one-day criminal event that reported in Missouri to a 24-hour-a-day national cause protest. The OSF foundations collaborate with a number of social justice groups to make a resistance against the racial attacks. The groups funded by Soros remotely monitor issues that happen in various localities and brings it to national prominence to showcase the misstep of conservatives. Additionally, it goes together with news media by providing academic research and editorials to keep the stories alive.

George Soros was born in a Hungarian Jewish family and migrated to England after the Second World War. He graduated from London School of Economics, and during his college days, he encountered with Open Society concept raised by philosopher Karl Popper. After graduation, Soros migrated to the United States and started working as a Stock Broker in Wall Street. In 1969, he founded Double Eagle hedge fund that subsequently became Soros Fund Management. While his business was expanding, Soros started contributing to various philanthropic causes. He contributed more than $13 billion to various charity missions in the past three decades. Learn more about George at Biography.

Chris Burch!! The Hand of Midas?

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The company’s investment is an expression of his entrepreneurial values. Chris Burch has a great vision for new market opportunities, applying imagination and using all the creative ideas and putting them all together to make one single masterpiece. This masterpiece then leads Chris Burch to a great fortune which lasts lifetime. Chris Burch seeks to put a positive and never ending impact on his customers lives to make them permanent customers. Check on

Chris Burch has had a 40 plus year career as an investor.  Chris Burch was often called the Hand of Midas because he participated in the rise of more than 50 major companies. Chris Burch has made contacts worldwide and has gained a lot experience in this business and knows where to invest and how to make an impact on the market, for a related article, head over to

Chris Burch supports the development of lifestyle and consumer products and many more international major brands because they all benefit Chris Burch due to his investment in the business and Chris Burch is always ready to invest in anything which can give profit for a lifetime. , check this here

After finding out that his rivals are investing in world renowned retail brands, Chris Burch is focusing on something new, . The new industry, on which Chris Burch is focusing on is none other than hospitality.  For updates on Burch timeline activities, click on

Chris Burch bought a beach hotel along with his friend James McBride. This hotel is situated on an island in Sumba. Chris Burch and James McBride purchased this hotel in 2012 and spent over $30 million to renovate the whole building and made it the world’s best resort with all kinds of services available there. This resort earned so much fortune and provided its customers with quality food and service that it was voted as the best resort ever and all credit goes to Chris Burch for this.

Chris Burch was often asked about the reason to make a resort at such place and Chris always had the same answer, “This whole resort is not for me, I have bought it just because of my children because I want them to know that we can give back to the people just as they give us. I want them to know that there are some things which are only possible at specific places”. Nihiwatu has 27 private villas including the Raja Mendaka which is actually Chris Burch’s private home.

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The Business Career and Real Estate Acquisitions of Chris Burch

After being a very successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry, Chris Burch would go on to become an active investor in real estate. His most recent investment has been a hostel in Indonesia. Chris teamed up with hotel tycoon James McBride to purchase the hostel on the island of Sumba and develop it into a luxury resort. Within a few years, the two named it Nihiwatu and established it into one of the very best resorts in the world. With a number of luxurious amenities, the resort would allow travelers to have a great experience on a regular basis. As a result of its reputation as being a luxurious resort, it was named as the best in the world by well known publications such as Travel & Leisure, refer to for related article. This investment has also been a valuable addition to the real estate portfolio of Chris Burch.

Once the resort received critical acclaim as a top establishment, Chris sat down for an interview, refer to for this.  During the interview, Chris would talk about his opinion of the resort and also why he purchased it. Burch said that the resort has turned out to be a much better quality facility than he ever thought possible. He believes that projects such as this usually don’t turn out as well as you hope. However, this was an exception and he believes that the resort has turned out to become a great addition to his real estate holdings. Along with believing that the resort has become better than expected, Burch also says that the resort is very good due to the unique luxuries it offers. When talking in the interview, Chris said that he bought the resort for his children and as a way to give back to his community.

The Nihiwatu resort is yet another addition to the real estate investment portfolio of Chris Burch. Over the course of his career he has purchased a number of other properties and developed them into top establishments. Chris Burch acquired property in Buenos Aires Argentina and made it into one of the top hotels in the world. Burch would also purchase and develop another top hotel in South Beach as well. These real estate holdings are part of his company called Burch Creative Capital, visit their website here.

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Along with possessing real estate, Burch has been well established in the fashion industry. Chris started up and built a clothing company that sold sweaters shortly after he finished college. He also became the co chairman of another fashion company known as Tory Burch.

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Investing Tips From Igor Cornelsen


Who Is Igor Cornelsen?


Igor Cornelsen is a former stock market investor and banker. He made a name for himself and amassed a significant fortune by investing in Brazilian stocks and working as a banker there. Mr. Cornelsen official retired from investing in 2011. Below are some takeaways from Igor Cornelen’s helpful iCrowdNewswire article that can help you invest more wisely.


Igor Cornelsen states on WordPress that you should spread out your investments in a multitude of different companies. This gives you two benefits. First, it reduces the chance that you will lose all of your money by not investing in a single company or venture. Second, it increases the likelihood that one of your investments will see a return and that you will profit. Diversity is key to any successful portfolio whether it is stocks, bonds or real estate investing.


When investing abroad, Igor Cornelsen stresses that investors must follow all the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction. The reason for this, is so investors do not end up in any potentially major incidents, lawsuits or trouble. Another tip from Igor is that you should avoid investing in a damaged company. Something wrong with these companies and it would be foolish to invest in them.


When looking at a company to invest in, look for a company that makes the most of its time and money. You should also look for a track record of success. Consistency in delivering profits or expansion should be looked upon as a positive. These are the kinds of companies that you want to invest in.


Igor Cornelsen says that you also see investing as a way of making money in the long run and not in the short term. Look for stocks or investments that provide returns on a consistent basis. These are safer and can end up being more profitable than highly speculative investments.


When you do invest, Mr. Cornelsen states that you should not overlook Brazil. Despite being the fifth largest economy in our world, Brazil is often overshadowed by other nations. Opportunities abound in Brazil. You just have to find them. Getting the right advice and expertise can really help you.  Igor’s presence can be easily found online, including his Facebook page, and Mr. Cornelsen’s official website.