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Highland Capital Management Is One Of The World’s Largest

Highland Capital Management was started by James Dondero long ago to offer better hedge fund management to his clients. He has been in the industry well over 25 years, and his company is now one of the world’s largest. They manage billions in assets, and this article explains how the company is reaching across the world to invest properly.


#1: Who Is James Dondero?


James Dondero is the leader and CEO at Highland Capital Management, and eh started the company in Dallas because he enjoys living there. He is a Texas man who wishes to serve the community, and he has done work that makes the city a better place to live. He started Nexbank to offer banking services to the community, and he offers many jobs to the community that help everyone live better lives.


#2: Investing In International Debt


The amount of international debt that has been purchased at Highland Capital Management is quite large, and James believes that it is possible to help other countries improve while making his money back at the same time. The company has many bonds from Argentina, and they will continue to invest as they see fit.


#3: The Company Has Many Assets Around The World


The world economy is quite large, and Highland Capital Management has many of its holdings around the world. They are willing to be more diverse than other companies, and they will continue to offer investment options to their customers that may include an international option that is quite unique. The company has done quite a lot of research on the investments they do, and they keep around 75% of what they own outside America.


The Highland Capital Management difference is in the amount of investments and service they offer. They are willing to reach out to customers who need services, and they will show customers a higher rate of return every year. Every customer who comes to Highland Capital Management will find the expertise they need in James Dondero, and they may ask the company to invest their money in a place that makes them comfortable