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Africa- Reshaping the Market

When thinking about Africa, most people immediately picture a continent swarmed with poverty. Media shapes the vision by showing poor emaciated children, and Americans rush to contribute money to help. The real truth behind all of these sentiments is that Africa is poised to become a grand opening in the world market.

The 55 countries that make up the continent are on the horizon for fashion advancements. Places like South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, and more, all boast budding economies. FreedomPop reviewers wrote that despite the fact that Africa is so widespread and diverse economically, investors are finding themselves drawn to their culture and natural resources. With each country comes a new set of rules, languages, climate zones, and other steps that must be taken. Despite this, the 2014 Ventures Africa Rich List reports 55 billionaires across the continent.

Poverty is still a hurdle. With one billion people living on less than two dollars a day, it’s not something that can be ignored. However, to base all opinions solely on the lowest point of the market means to potentially miss all the opportunities Africa offers.