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Status Labs Cleanup Team – Stay Squeaky Clean and Not Get Doxxed

Status Labs, an innovative company that manages reputations online. Looking your best to the world is when your reputation shines from being managed by the best. Status Labs works with Google to maintain the client’s reputation and shredding negativity.

The information about your firm or you personally is the first impression received. In other words, first reviewed is the first received. Maintaining the online presence of your company or yourself if best handled by the experts. Status Labs help you look your best even when you are unable to monitor you reflection every minute of the day. With their SEO team, they have the ability to monitor negativity and inaccurate information and promote accurate information more productive results. Having the ability to rank your business’s home page for terminology to move traffic in the right direction enables you to maintain and track your business progress. Status Labs help you look your best from all angles.

Don’t Get Doxxed!
The meaning of doxxed is an internet slang. Doxxed is where someone researches a person or company and with malicious intent promotes and distributes information to harm or imply their reputation. Performing regular checkups on your name is essential. The following are five things you need to do:
Remove Personal Data – Remove things like your phone number, home address wherever they appear online. A data-broker such as PeopleSmart and Whitepages have the ability to remove this information for you.
Recheck your social media privacy settings – Ensure the settings are set to privacy. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts MUST be set at PRIVATE. Think about your personal media accounts and your privacy. There are gray areas here that expose personal information.
Passwords – Change your passwords often, and not just a variation of the same password. Create passwords with numbers through the password. Do not keep your passwords digitally. Keep them on ONE piece of paper located in your residence for emergencies.
Google Yourself – Be proactive. Google yourself from other computers, such as from a library.
Do Your Housekeeping – Do not keep anything on the internet that is not flattering. If you find something just stay calm, do not aggravate the doxxer. Contact a professional internet reputation specialist and let them scrub your online reputation

Protect your reputation and your privacy.

Who is Darius Fisher?

Darius Fisher is the president of an online reputation management company called Status Labs. He is also the co-creator of the company. He started the company four years ago. As president of the company, Darius has helped the company to grow to 30 workers. He also set up offices in Sao Paulo and New York. Status Labs has a main office in Austin, Texas.

The main service that Status Labs offers is online reputation. This means that everything that is good said online about a person, or an organization is brought up to the first page on any search engine. For example the recent hack of an online dating company had many professionals asking Status Labs for help in controlling the unpleasant impressions the hack caused. Status Labs gave guidance to the sufferers of the hack for free. They also help companies with digital marketing which help the companies build up their sales. Status Labs has 1,500 customers in 35 regions around the world. Their clientele include Fortune 500 companies, famous people, lawmakers, and executives.

Darius Fisher was named in a magazine as one of the Innovation 50 of 2015 in the category of PR and digital communications. The magazine praised him and his team for the excellent work they do, and surviving their own disaster. Darius and his team was also praised for the work they did with the online dating hacking.
With his admirable skilled faction at his side, Darius hopes Status Labs will persevere to grow into next year.

Antecedent to his presidency with Status Labs, Darius was a senior copywriter for a company called Agora Publishing between the years of 2009 to 2011. Back in 2008, he was the political consultant at a company called Storefront Political Media. Darius also worked at a company called Discovia as a litigation support executive in 2007.
He has knowledge of two languages; Spanish and Portuguese. He went to Vanderbilt University. He acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics. He is a stockholder in four companies. Those companies are CrowdOptic, The Zebra, Sozo, and Les Trois Petits Cochons. Darius’ hobbies are soccer and traveling.