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Securus Technologies Is Helping Families Every Moment

Securus Technologies is helping families every moment by keeping inmates and their children connected more than ever before. When Securus Technologies was first established, their goal was to create better phone service, which included making long distance calls at no extra charge. Now, however, Securus Technologies specializes in video chatting.


The video chat service offered by Securus Technologies happens in real time, and this chat service supports long distance calls. Prisons make sure each inmate gets time with his/her child/children during major and minor holidays. Inmates also get to talk to chat with their children several times a week. Statistics have shown that children with access to this service have a better outcome in life, and children with this service end up having a better future relationship with their parent(s), too.


Many children have written emails to Securus Technologies personally. These emails talk about how happy these children are that they can see their parents face to face several times a week. Most children could never get to the prison with their mother/father is because most prisons are typically two hours away from modern cities. Many children also praise Securus Technologies for being the only inmate communication organization to offer this type of service to the community.


Securus Technologies is Keeping Prisoners in Jail Under Control in Phone Call Technology within Jail Systems

In an effort to keep prisoners under control while in prison, the use of Securus Technologies is put into place to help keep contraband phones under control while in prisons. With the help of various law enforcement agencies, more information is provided through the use of storing data and distributing data with the various emergency dispatch and law enforcement agencies to keep calls fair when prisoners are making calls in jail.


When it comes to offenders spending their time in jail, the studies have shown that if the inmate is able to visit briefly with their families and loved ones, they have less of a chance of reoffending later on. There are a number of concerns that are looked at when it comes to the cost and security of using video recorder information through a number of inmates in prison, the overall safety of those leaders in prison as well as the face to face interaction that a inmate has through the use of Securus Technologies.


For some of the inmates in jail, the visits that the inmate receives can either be done through the use of face to face visits or even those visits shared between an inmate and their loved ones. With the use of remote visitation, more people are able to stay in touch with those who can not come to the jail weekly or monthly.


In order to help keep jails and prisons safer, Securus has helped by investing over 32 million dollars which will be used to deploy equipment as well as to use software that helps to make remote visits easier and safer for those who are serving time.


What someone might not know is, just because there are not as many visitors to prison, the number of visits being allowed through visits does not decrease the number of visits that a jail can get on their visitation days. The number of visits goes by the number of visits per day is allowed and is not lessened due to the use of electronic visits for the prison system.



Securus Technologies Offers Some Great Solutions of Communications

Securus Technologies is bringing communications to a whole new level with its video conferencing technology in which individuals who are currently incarcerated can engage in visitation sessions with their significant others, relatives, co-workers, and/or friends. It is highly recommended for citizens to encourage the courts that are responsible for taking action in the local correctional facilities to have Securus Technologies installed, as there are many benefits to be had for everyone.


One may be thinking that Securus Technologies solely benefits inmates and their visitors; however, that is far from true. Securus Technologies also benefits communities, as crimes that may currently be occurring in the correctional facility, or one that may potentially occur and is being spoken about, can be investigated on and solved through the monitoring capabilities law enforcement officials have. If there is a reason to proceed with investigations, then law enforcement officials can hand over evidence to the courts to proceed with sentencing upon valid and full instances of investigations.


Securus Technologies offers a form of communication that is convenient for visitors of inmates, as they will no longer be required to travel specified distances from their places of residence to the correctional facility where their relative, friend, co-worker, colleague, or significant other may be confined in. If you think you can benefit from the Securus Technologies program, but are unsure about whether it is available for utilization at the particular correctional facility the inmate is confined in, please do not hesitate to ask the customer service representatives, as they should be able to provide you with your needed answer. Securus Technologies’ website currently has a press release section which allows people to stay updated on what the company has been doing and what they may be doing in the future. Please do not hesitate to visit, as they have information that can be considered as being quite valuable to you.


Securus Gives Back and Boosts Recognition

Over the years it has been said that the best way for business to gain exposure is by giving back. This is something that Securus Technologies has done through charitable contributions, and the company has really great rewards in getting recognition as a result of this. A lot more people are finding out about what this company does, along with the type of products the company makes, as Securus moved forth with a large selection of inmate phone call and communication monitoring and video visitation products.

I participate largely with giving to United Way, and this is actually how I learned about Securus. I actually work in law enforcement, and this company produces a large amount of products for law enforcement products. Oddly, I had never heard of the company and this area. It was through the large Securus contributions to the United Way that I discovered what this company was about.

I believe that this is one of the best ways for companies to actually get their name out there to more customers. It is always a good thing when the company has the ability to provide funding to a charitable organization. This shows the community that this company has leaders in place that are concerned about the community. 

The products that are made by Securus are actually designed for inmate communication monitoring so this is another thing that shows that this particular organization has to greater good of the community on the radar. That is something that has made me take notice of this company and the type of products that the leaders are pushing to the mainstream. 

One of the most useful products from this company, in my opinion, is the video visitation software applications. This allows people that are on the outside to conduct video visitations with their family and friends that are locked away in prison. This can be a wonderful thing for people that may have friends that are incarcerated if they do not live in the area where the prison is located.

In terms of at-home visitation I think that Securus produces one of the best applications on the market. It has been noted in magazines and websites, and I believe that the company has managed to grow because the employees provide a quality application. I would actually encourage others that have family members that are incarcerated to research this company and push for more prisons to acquire this. Look at this service more by clicking the following link: